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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S05E07: The Gift
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1. Even though he advises Jon Snow against his mission, who is left in charge of Castle Black in Jon's absence?
Dolorous Edd
First Ranger Alliser Thorne
Samwell Tarly
Stannis Baratheon
2. What does Sam give Jon Snow before Jon leaves?
An ancient scroll describing some old wildling traditions
A heavy black cloak
A sword that was once carried by Jeor Mormont
Weapons made of dragonglass
3. In this episode, we say farewell to one of the good guys. Who passes away (of natural causes, a rarity in this realm)?
Aemon Targaryen, Maester of Castle Black
Daario Naharis
Ser Davos
By way of explanation.....
And now his watch has ended.
4. Before he passes away, Aemon (did you get it right?) cries out someone's name several times, talking to that person as if they were in the room. Whose name is it?
Egg (aka Aegon Targaryen)
Jon Snow
By way of explanation.....
Aemon could have been king, and Westeros would ultimately have been better for it.
5. Sansa learns some new information from Ramsay Bolton. What intelligence does he surprise her with?
Direwolves have been spotted near Winterfell
Jon Snow is now Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
Margaery Tyrell is in jail
Theon is no longer... intact
6. After crediting some of Stannis's successes to the deaths of Renly Baratheon and Joffrey Baratheon, who does Melisandre suggest should be killed next?
Jon Snow
Selyse Baratheon (Stannis's wife)
Shireen Baratheon (Stannis's daughter)
Tommen Baratheon
By way of explanation.....
The Red Witch is hardcore
7. With Jon Snow gone and Aemon dead, two "gentlemen" of the Night's Watch try to rape Gilly. Who eventually stops them?
Alliser Thorne
Dolorous Edd
Samwell Tarley
By way of explanation.....
I'd be afraid of a direwolf, too.
8. A momentous event occurs for Sam. What is it?
He forsakes his vows and leaves Castle Black for good.
He has sex with Gilly
He kills a Thenn
He kills a White Walker
9. Why does the slaver agree to purchase Tyrion?
Because he knows Tyrion is wanted back in Westeros
Because he owns a traveling freak show and wants Tyrion for a role as a jouster
Because he wants to sell him for his, er, magical parts
Because Tyrion is funny
10. Finish the Daario Naharis quote: "All rulers are either..."
Butchers or meat
Free or slaves
Insane or wise
Rich or poor
11. Although they verbally spar, the Queen of Thorns and the High Sparrow commiserate over...
Appreciation of a fine, ornate temple
The bodily pains that come with age
Their love of the seven
Their mutual dislike of Littlefinger
By way of explanation.....
For her it's the hips, for him it's the knees
12. Bronn is dismayed to learn that...
He has been poisoned by one of the Sand Snakes
He is to be executed in a fortnight
His prison cell doesn't have a privvy
Jaime has been exiled from Dorne
By way of explanation.....
On the plus side, one of them thinks he has a lovely singing voice.
13. What must Bronn do to obtain the antidote for the poison?
Agree to help the Sand Snakes murder Myrcella
Kill Prince Doran Martell
Stop singing
Tell Tyene Sand that she is the most beautiful woman in the world
14. Littlefinger has "a gift" for Lady Olenna. What is it?
A handsome young man
A promise of troops to support her family when they declare war on King's Landing
Repayment of several of her loans
A sworn confession that he acted alone in orchestrating Joffrey's death
By way of explanation.....
It's not what you think, pervs.
15. Ser Jorah becomes desperate to join the battle in the fighting pit when he hears...
Daario Naharis battling his cohorts
Daenerys speaking
A dragon's screech outside
Tyrion talking with their master about a plot to murder him
By way of explanation.....
Someone's still got a crush.
16. What is the first thing Daenerys says when she sees Ser Jorah?
"Get him out of my sight."
"Tend to his wounds."
"Thank the gods. You're back."
"What happened to you?"
17. There is another "gift" before the end of the episode. Who receives it, and what is it?
Daenerys/An engagement ring
The Night's Watch/Land awarded from Stannis
Sansa/A candle
18. Cersei visits Margaery in her jail cell and brings her son's bride some...
Clean clothing
Letters from Tommen
By way of explanation.....
(Day-old venison, that is.)
19. A special guest joins the High Sparrow as he talks with Cersei. Who is it?
Jaime Lannister
Lancel Lannister
Olenna Tyrell
By way of explanation.....
Aka the "handsome young man" mentioned by Littlefinger
20. What happens to Cersei before the end of the episode?
She is placed under house arrest

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