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How Well Do You Know: American Sniper
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1. The film opens with a scene - the conclusion of which we see later in the film - with weaponry being carried by:
Two women
A woman and a child
Two elderly men
Three children
2. In the first glimpse we get of young Chris, he is:
Defending his younger brother in a fight at school
In a car accident that kills his father
Watching a war-related movie on TV
Hunting deer
3. Chris's father tells him there are three types of people in the world. Which of the following is not one of those three types?
4. Chris sees a news reports of this event, which leads him to enlist in the military:
An American naval ship bombing in Yemen
Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania
Oklahoma City bombing
5. Chris joins this elite military group:
Army Rangers
Marines Special Operations Battalion
Special Tactics Squadron
Navy SEALs
6. Chris meets Taya:
At a dance at the high school
In a bar
At a car wash
In a diner
7. Immediately before his first deployment,
Chris learns he will be a father
Chris buries his father
Chris marries Taya
Chris gets in a bar fight
8. Chris's first tour is in this hot spot in Iraq:
Sadr City
9. Through the film, Chris and his unit are opposed by an enemy sniper, whose background includes:
Having been a shepherd
Having participated in the Olympics
Being a distant relative of Saddam
Having attended university in the United States
10. Chris has to decide whether to shoot a woman and a child, both of which carry a weapon near US troops. In the end, he:
Shoots neither
Shoots the woman but not the child
Shoots the child but not the woman
Shoots both
11. In the first phone call we see Chris getting from Taya,:
She tells him she's pregnant
She tells him she has been robbed
She tells him they are losing their house
She tells him she has been in a car accident
12. Also in that first phone call, Chris learns:
He has won an award for meritorious service
He is being brought up on charges
His truck has been repossessed
His brother has deployed
13. Throughout the film, we hear this position Chris holds during the operations:
Eagle eye
14. Through his deployments, Chris and company are on the lookout for a brutal insurgent nicknamed:
The Butcher
The Grim Reaper
The Pirate
The Judge
15. Chris finds out from Taya on the phone that she is having a boy. Immediately after Chris hears this, his truck crashes. What caused the crash?
The vehicle detonates an IED
The vehicle comes under heavy fire from multiple directions
A sniper shoots the driver
An RPG detonates a nearby fuel dump
16. The Butcher's weapon of choice is:
A sabre
A chainsaw
A drill
Pruning shears
17. During a visit to Taya's doctor, Chris learns that something is wrong with his:
Peripheral vision
Blood pressure
18. At the beginning of his second deployment, Chris learns each of the following, except:
Many of the top brass have changed
He has made chief
His brother has been killed
There is a price on his head
19. A local man hosts a dinner for Chris and his unit, and Chris realizes during the mean that the man might be an enemy combatant. What part of the man's body gives Chris the clue?
His ear
His knee
His elbow
His shoulder
20. The Butcher is killed after an encounter between Americans and Iraqis in:
A junk yard
A restaurant
A deserted school
A bank
21. Back in the States, Chris meets a man in a/n _________ who lost a leg but tells Chris he saved his life:
Auto repair shop
Doctor's office
Grocery store
22. Biggles is shot on rooftop while he and Chris discuss buying:
A horse
A wedding ring
A motorcycle
A baby crib
23. At a funeral for a SEAL killed in action, the soldier's widow reads a letter:
Praising Chris's heroism
Containing a biblical passage
Prophesying Chris's eventual death
Questioning the validity of his wartime actions
24. During his fourth tour, Chris gets news that:
Taya is divorcing him
His town has held a parade in his honor
Biggles has died
His actions in the death of The Butcher were illegal
25. Chris's final deployment is in:
Sadr City
26. The events in which Chris finally kills Mustafa are complicated by this condition:
An earthquake
A lightning storm
A freak snow storm
A sandstorm
27. Chris finally kills Mustafa the enemy sniper, even though:
Mustafa is more than a mile away
Mustafa is unarmed
Chris doesn't have his sniper rifle
It is near dark
28. Through his actions, Chris earns this nickname from his fellow soldiers:
29. During his final trip home Chris calls Taya from:
The airfield
A hospital
His car driving home
A bar
30. The film ends in a very understated way, with an on-screen caption noting that Chris was killed:
"A day before he was supposed to deploy again"
"On his front door step"
"By a veteran he was trying to help"
"By one of his best friends from the war"

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