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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E10: That'll Do, Pig
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1. Lorelai tells Lane that her band can practice in the Gilmore garage, under one condition - what?
the band can never play a song by Nickelback
Lane needs to convince her mother to give Lorelai a 25% discount at the antique store
Lane has to promise never to pose naked on the cover of Rolling Stone
her band mates need to mow Lorelai's lawn twice a month
2. A distracted Paris tells Rory about her first ever Christmas, celebrated with Jamie and his parents. She has decided she's not a fan of ______.
"Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"
Christmas trees
3. Michel angers a foreign group of guests at the inn after he:
flips them off
bows to them as a sign of respect, not realizing that is actually an insult in their culture
says a Hungarian word incorrectly and winds up insulting them
refuses to help carry their bags to their rooms
4. Dean drops a box of Rory's items off at the house, and Lorelai takes advantage of the situation. What does Dean do for Lorelai before he leaves?
gets a spider out of the house
jump starts her Jeep
replaces the bulb in the back porch light
mows the lawn
5. Why doesn't Jess feel like going to the Winter Carnival?
he has to work at the diner instead
he doesn't feel the need to go to town events now that he is dating Rory; he only went when he was trying to "get" her
he doesn't enjoy being cold and would rather stay warm inside with a good book
he's deathly afraid of ice and snow
6. Lorelai always has difficulty buying gifts for Richard. Which of the following is not an item Lorelai bought him as a potential birthday gift?
a coin sorter
a tie
a pair of bedroom slippers
a bathroom scale
7. What news does Dean share with Rory after running into her in town?
he's applying to a 4-year college
he dreams about her almost every night
he's moving back to Chicago
he's being promoted to night manager at Doose's Market
8. Who shows up unexpectedly at Richard's birthday dinner?
9. Trix had been renting out her Connecticut home to a band who planted tulips in the front yard - which band?
The Dixie Chicks
10. Rory is not pleased when she discovers that fellow Chilton student Francie calls for an "emergency" supplemental student body meeting, without Paris' knowledge, after Paris cancelled it. What super important topic did she want to discuss?
putting healthier snacks in the vending machines
renumbering the parking spaces in the student parking lot
throwing a retirement party for Headmaster Charleston
renting a mansion for the prom with the funds that Paris wanted used for something else
11. What advice does Lorelai give Emily on how to deal with Trix?
being amused instead of hurt by Trix's disapproval will get Emily far, as it has for Lorelai re: Emily
try to imagine her dressed as a clown
keep a flask handy so she can sneak booze every time Trix says something rude
ignoring Trix entirely will both bother Trix and make Emily feel like she has some control
12. Lorelai makes sure to hide some items from Trix before she arrives at the house. Which of the following is not an item that's hidden from Trix's view?
a monkey lamp
a singing rabbi
Spice Girls memorabilia
a stripper pole
13. Despite telling Rory he wouldn't be going with her to the winter carnival, Jess eventually changes his mind. Why does he decide to go?
he discovers Dean had invited Rory to join him and his little sister at the carnival
he overhears Rory tell Lane that she's ready to break up with him because he won't do anything with her
he heard that Dean is working at the "throw a snowball for charity" booth and really wants to hit Dean in the nose with one
Luke is going to make him keep the diner open late if he doesn't have any other plans for the night
14. While Rory is at the carnival, the Gilmore adults are having dinner with Trix. Where are they dining?
the inn
Luke's Diner
Lorelai's house
Al's Pancake World
15. Dean doesn't seem even the slightest bit happy to be at the carnival with Rory to begin with, yet his mood is getting worse by the minute, thanks to:
Lane, who keeps walking by him muttering insults under her breath
Dean's sister annoying him with her endless questions
Luke insisting he sell coffee at a carnival booth
his mother, who showed up unannounced, ready to make amends
16. What news seems to upset Jess while he's at the carnival with Rory, Dean and Clara?
Rory admits she still thinks about her happy times with Dean
Rory got coffee with Dean and is trying to remain friends with him
Dean is trying to get into Harvard too so he can be close to Rory
Rory is thinking about getting a job at Doose's Market (Dean's employer)
17. How does Sookie rip the back of her uniform?
getting frisky with Jackson in a supply closet
lunging after a pork chop
falling into a coat rack
pretending to be the Incredible Hulk
18. What news does Trix surprise the rest of the family with?
she's moving back to the house in Hartford
she only has 6 months left to live
she's getting married to a retiree she met in London
she wants Rory to have the trust fund that had been offered to Lorelai, then taken away, during her last visit

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