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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E09: A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving
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1. Lorelai goes into the inn's kitchen to calm Sookie down. What has Sookie in a frenzy this time?
she's leaving the inn's Thanksgiving dinner preparation to another chef
Jackson forgot to mention that his mother will be spending the rest of the year living with Sookie and Jackson
she thinks she might be pregnant
she misplaced the turkeys needed for Thanksgiving dinner
2. Emily stops by the inn, and is not amused when Lorelai, not realizing she is there, compares her mother to ______.
Ronald McDonald
Condoleezza Rice
Joseph Stalin
Trix, Emily's mother-in-law/Lorelai's grandmother
3. Emily insists that Lorelai and Rory show up for Thanksgiving dinner, telling Lorelai that the only way she can get out of dinner is:
if she or Rory are dead or in jail
to have her doctor show up at the house personally and convince Emily that Lorelai is truly sick
if a law is passed saying Thanksgiving is no longer a holiday
to show up for lunch instead
4. Paris is upset that her Thanksgiving plans are "ruined" - why are they not going according to plan?
her parents have decided to spend the holiday with Paris for once
the soup kitchens won't let her volunteer, telling her they already have enough volunteers
her nanny refuses to make green bean casserole, her favorite side dish
she is falling behind on getting her college applications in so she'll be filling those out during the holiday break
5. What did Kirk name his new cat?
6. Rory and Jess are in the beginning stage of their relationship, but Rory already has a problem - what?
she hates the smell of Jess' cologne but is afraid to tell him, as she doesn't want to hurt his feelings
she doesn't want to kiss Jess in public - she feels that she's "flaunting" their relationship in front of Dean
she doesn't like the pet name Jess has given her
she is uncomfortable bringing Jess over to the house, given Lorelai's negative feelings towards him
7. Citing too many Thanksgiving day dinners to attend, Lorelai and Rory cancel their plans with Luke. They decide to un-cancel and attend Luke's dinner after:
Jess begs Rory to show up to "his" dinner
Lorelai learns that everyone else in town has already cancelled on Luke
Babette makes them feel guilty for canceling on Luke, a man who will do anything for them
Luke seems disappointed they won't be making it to his dinner
8. While in Doose's Market on Thanksgiving Day, Lorelai takes the opportunity to tell Dean that:
he was a jerk for the way he broke up with Rory - it should have been done in private
Rory was too good for him
she hopes that Rory sees the error of her ways and breaks up with Jess
just because he and Rory broke up, doesn't mean his "relationship" with Lorelai needs to end
9. How did Dave Rygalski wind up at the Kim family's house for Thanksgiving?
he pretended to be a Christian guitar player, so Mrs. Kim hired him to play at dinner
Lane asked her mother if her science partner, without family in town, could join them for dinner
Mrs. Kim assumed he was homeless, based on how he was dressed, and invited him inside for a warm meal
he asked to use their phone to call for help, claiming his car wouldn't start
10. Mmmmmm... what is served at the Kim Thanksgiving dinner that isn't featured at any of the other dinners Lorelai and Rory attend?
egg salad
turkey cold cut sandwiches
non alcoholic "wine"
11. Sookie's frenzy has followed her home, it seems. What has her so upset during dinner?
the chef at the inn called; he ruined the stuffing
Jackson has decided to deep fry the turkey
her parents refused to drive all the way to Stars Hollow for dinner
Jackson's cousin keeps calling her "toots"
12. Every year Lorelai and Luke have words over something in particular, and this year is apparently no exception. What do they clash over?
whether the cranberry sauce should be jellied or whole berry
Luke's refusal to dress up for dinner
Lorelai referring to Thanksgiving as "Turkey Day"
Luke not having a vase for the flowers Lorelai brings him
13. What does Lorelai compare Rory and Jess's lame kisses to?
a brother and sister kissing
chickens pecking at each other
making out with a wet washcloth
14. Where did Emily find the piano player she has playing in the foyer during the Gilmore dinner?
busking in a subway station
the local music conservatory
one of Richard's work functions
15. Emily and Richard's French dinner guests ask Lorelai if she knows any French. How does Lorelai respond to that?
she speaks to them in Spanish
she quotes inappropriate lyrics from "Lady Marmalade"
she acts offended that she is being asked to speak a language other than English
being fluent in French, she has a full conversation with them
16. What news shared during dinner makes Lorelai angry?
Rory wants to live with her father and Sherry during the summer
Richard and Emily have decided to stop paying for Rory's Chilton tuition
Rory has applied to Yale
Emily has invited Christopher over for dessert
17. How does Dave manage to get some time alone with Lane after the Kim family dinner has ended?
he asks for Lane's help in getting his equipment to his car
he leaves his Bible in the house so Lane can run outside and return it to him
he asks Mrs. Kim if Lane could walk him home, as he is afraid of the dark
he sets a fire in the kitchen, which Mrs. Kim has to put out
18. Walking through town, Lorelai and Rory stop by Sookie and Jackson's house once again. They find Sookie _______.
hiding in the bushes
crying uncontrollably
having fun deep-frying items from the inn's kitchen
drunk and carefree
19. Rory decides to kiss Jess in front of Luke's, not caring who sees them being affectionate. Who DOES see this display?
the entire town
Jess's mom, in town to surprise him and Luke
20. What does Luke give to Lorelai and Rory as they are leaving the diner to head home?
the bouquet of flowers she brought to the diner earlier in the day
a bag of dinner rolls
a roll of Tums
a bottle of wine

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