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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E08: Let the Games Begin
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1. It's the morning after the dance marathon, and Lorelai and Rory are having trouble getting to Luke's. Why?
their feet hurt so badly from all the dancing, it takes them a long time to walk to Luke's
Kirk is busy gloating to them about his win, waving his trophy in the air
the battery in Lorelai's Jeep is dead
they are so tired that they are falling asleep on benches in the center of town
2. Lorelai cannot believe that Emily is ready to fire the maid for _________.
talking too softly
wearing "hideous" shoes
putting walnuts in the salad
calling Richard "Dick" instead of "Mr. Gilmore"
3. Richard invites Rory to visit Yale with him, as he will be back on campus the following week for _________.
Alumni weekend
an insurance conference
a tour he will be giving to his coworker's grandson
a reunion of The Whiffenpoofs, his a capella singing group
4. Kirk enters the diner and tries searching Rory's backpack for _______.
his missing dance marathon trophy
anything of Dean's - Dean wants his stuff back
the key to his mother's house
a book he accidentally left in the diner
5. Jess and Rory are finally alone, but their attempt at a kiss is interrupted by ________.
By way of explanation.....
Luke enters his apartment with the cheeseburger Rory ordered at the diner.
6. Luke lays down some "ground rules" about what can and cannot happen when Rory is in the apartment. Why is Jess confused by the rules?
Luke is treating him like he's a toddler
he can't figure out whether Luke is acting as Jess's guardian, or as Rory's
he thought Luke liked Rory, but his rules seem to indicate otherwise
he doesn't understand why they have to be chaperoned at all times
7. Lorelai isn't happy that Rory ignored her request to ______ in preparation for the trip to Yale, as it's something Emily will expect.
only pack certain colored clothing
wear Yale attire
bring 3 pairs of hiking boots
8. During the tour of Yale, Emily mentions that "Lothario" Richard's favorite place to take his dates was _____.
the art gallery
a local jazz club
his dorm room
the library
9. Richard discloses a piece of information about Emily the Yalie - what?
she modeled to put herself through school
she had a 4.0 GPA
she "stole" Richard away from his fiancee
she was a football cheerleader
10. What now stands in the spot on campus where Richard proposed to Emily?
an oak tree
a statue
a parking lot
a trash can
11. Richard proposed to Emily after she called him a ________.
mama's boy
spineless jellyfish
work in progress
12. Richard puts Rory on the spot when he tells her that:
she will be joining him as his guest at the Whiffenpoofs reunion dinner
he has set her up on a date with his friend's great-nephew, a Yale freshman
he has scheduled an interview for her with his friend, the Dean of Admissions
he will pay for her college tuition, but only if she goes to Yale
13. Luke is annoyed when Lorelai and Rory, on their way home from New Haven, arrive at the diner with...what?
tacos they bought at another restaurant
a kitten they found on the side of the highway
their overnight bags
giant foam fingers
14. Luke is upset that Jess and Rory have secretly met up, where he can't make sure nothing fishy is going on. What does Lorelai offer to Luke in response?
a nice hot cup of coffee
some of her anti-anxiety pills
a "Save the Date" card, since their sneaking away to be with each other clearly means they are getting married
Rory's sweater, so Luke can "follow the scent" like a dog
15. Rory meets up with Jess, but immediately after they kiss, she says she needs to go. Where does she go?
Dean's house
Lane's house
back to the diner
16. Why IS Rory at Dean's house?
she wants one last kiss from him
she apologizes to him for the way she treated him
she thinks she made a mistake re: Jess and wants to see if Dean will take her back
she has a box of his stuff that she wants to give back to him
17. After settling in for the evening, both Lorelai and Rory decide to _____
call Richard and apologize for overreacting
visit Jess
map a route to New Haven
look through a Yale brochure

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