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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S05E05: Kill the Boy
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1. The title of episode comes from a conversation between:
Brienne and Podrick Payne
Tyrion and Jorah
Maester Aemon and Jon Snow
Roose and Ramsay Bolton
2. In Mereeen, it's round-up time! After the death of Ser Barristan, who does Daenerys have rounded up?
Traitorous members of the Unsullied
Heads of great families
Known members of Sons of the Harpy
Suspected members of Sons of the Harpy
3. Meanwhile, at the Wall, the guy who knows nothing has a heart-to-heart with Tormund Giantsbane. What does Jon do immediately before freeing Tormund from his chains?
Calls him a coward
Secures an oath of loyalty
Speaks of a plan to betray Stannis
Hits him
4. When Jon explains his plans to bring the Wildings into the North, the assembled company at the Wall.....well, pretty much everyone thinks it's a really, really bad idea. Of the following, the only one not to speak out against Jon's plan is:
Alliser Thorne
5. A bit further south but still in the North, Brienne enlists a Northman to:
Get a message to Stannis
Set off to find Arya
Assassinate security forces at Moat Cailin
Get a message to Sansa
6. ________ bores me, and you know what happens to people who bore me Of what does Ramsay warn Myranda?
7. We either learn or are reminded that Myranda is the daughter of a:
Kennel master
Stone mason
8. Sansa receives a message from a mysterious woman in passing that, if she is ever in need or assistance, she should:
Send a raven
Ring a bell
Light a candle
Tear down a tapestry
9. Crossing paths with Sansa totally by accident, Myranda rather crreeeeeeppily compliments Sansa's:
10. Walda Frey Bolton is in a family way. Who is troubled by this news the most?
Theon Greyjoy, I mean Reek
Ramsay Bolton
Roose Bolton
11. It is decided that, at the mildly anticipated Sansa-Ramsay wedding, this person should give away the bride:
A septon
Roose Bolton
12. Roose Bolton delves into Ramsay's family history, noting that Ramsay came into being when Roose totally rogered his mother, who was a:
Weaver's wife
Bookbinder's wife
Miller's wife
Cooper's wife
13. Sam speaks of books and libraries and the Citadel during a conversation with this woman:
Princess Shireen
Lady Selyse
14. Stannis decides it's time to kick some Bolton butt. Which of the following does he leave at the Wall as his company departs for Winterfell?
Lady Selyse
None of the above
15. Grey Worm awakens after a three-day recuperation. When he wakes, his first words are about:
16. In this very special episode of Game of Thrones, which of these ladies becomes rather suddenly engaged?
Shireen Baratheon
Missandei of the Island of Naath
Daenerys Targaryen
Brienne of Tarth
17. Dany finally relents to the Meereen Gaming Commission and declares that the fighting pits can reopen, but only these men can fight:
Free men
Members of the great families
Non-Meereenese citizens
Unsullied or Second Sons
18. The Jorah-Tyrion def comedy jam finds the unlikely duo sailing through the waters of:
19. Immediately before spotting a dragon, Tyrion and Jorah talk of:
The rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms
The history of Valyria
How much of a biotch Cersei is
20. After a rather nasty game of tag with the Stone Men, Jorah is unfortunately "it." Where on his person is he greyscaled?

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