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How Well Do You Know: That's Not My Movie (Actors Edition)
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Wakes some nights with Atomic Shakespeare still running thru his head

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1. Harrison Ford
Presumed Innocent
Six Days Seven Nights
The Sum of All Fears
2. Bill Murray
Broken Flowers
The Ladykillers
Lost in Translation
The Royal Tenenbaums
3. Ben Stiller
Along Came Polly
The Big Bounce
The Royal Tenenbaums
4. Alan Rickman
Die Hard
Galaxy Quest
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
5. John Cusack
Being John Malkovich
The Ice Harvest
The Notebook
6. Vince Vaughn
The Cable Guy
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Old School
7. Jason Statham
Ghosts of Mars
Inside Man
The Italian Job
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
8. Colin Firth
Love, Actually
Shakespeare in Love
What a Girl Wants
9. Bill Nighy
Notes on a Scandal
Notting Hill
Shaun of the Dead
10. Bruce Campbell
For Love of the Game
Sky High
Spider-Man 2
11. Owen Wilson
Behind Enemy Lines
Night at the Museum
12. Kyle Chandler
Friday Night Lights
King Kong
The Kingdom
Pure Country
13. Michael Sheen
Blood Diamond
Hot Fuzz
Kingdom of Heaven
The Queen
14. Will Ferrell
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Shallow Hal
15. Chris Tucker
The Fifth Element
Jackie Brown
A Low Down Dirty Shame
16. Timothy Olyphant
Catch and Release
Live Free or Die Hard
Scream 3
17. Gary Oldman
Air Force One
Lost in Space
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
18. Bruce Willis
Hudson Hawk
The Kid
Twelve Monkeys
19. Ralph Fiennes
The Constant Gardener
Quiz Show
Red Dragon
Pride & Prejudice
20. Cillian Murphy
Girl with a Pearl Earring
28 Weeks Later
Red Eye
21. Christian Bale
3:10 to Yuma
Batman Returns
Empire of the Sun
The Prestige
22. Robert Downey, Jr.
Ghost Ship
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Tuff Turf
23. Edward Norton
The Incredible Hulk
The Italian Job
The Prestige
The Score
24. Philip Seymour Hoffman
Almost Famous
Charlie Wilson's War
Empire Records
Punch-Drunk Love
25. Mark Wahlberg
Flirting with Disaster
I Heart Huckabee's
Three Kings

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