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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E17: Melinda
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1. Flashback: No hellraisers in May's house! Her house has what?
2. May and Coulson are part of a team tasked to recruit Eva Belyakov, 35, Index candidate. What is Eva's power?
Enhanced strength
3. Coulson is moving around massive amounts of money and resources. What is the code name for his project?
Infinity Protocol
Operation Resurrection
T.A.H.I.T.I. 2
Theta Protocol
4. Jaiying has Skye demonstrate her powers. What does Skye do?
She creates a fissure in the earth
She causes an avalanche
She topples a building
She turns a small rock into powder
5. According to Lincoln, who is in charge in Afterlife?
He doesn't know
6. According to Lincoln, how often does Jaiying train people?
All the time
About once a year
Every decade or so
7. Morse attempts to explain to May her rationale for working for Gonzalez. What does May tell her is the hardest part of doing the right thing?
It pays very poorly
Finding out you're wrong
No one will understand
Knowing what the right thing actually is
8. Skye tells Jaiying that what is her other superpower?
Computer hacking
Mistrust of home
9. What is Skye's birthdate?
March 25
June 8
July 2
November 7
10. Jaiying surprises Skye with what revelation?
Raina is Skye's sister
Cal is not Skye's father
She killed Skye's mother
She is Skye's mother
11. Simmons thought she was working on a hybrid capacitor, but it was really a super-charged battery pack for which powered individual?
Iron Man
War Machine
12. In the flashback to Bahrain, Coulson stalls the Bahrainian authorities by telling them what?
Nuclear materials have spilled
The truth
A biological weapon was deployed
The Hulk is inside
13. May finds the S.H.I.E.L.D. team. What does Agent Hart tell May he wants?
An end to pain
Her pain
14. In reviewing Gonzalez's info on Coulson, Simmons discovers that Coulson has been working with which person?
Agent Blake
Dr. Garner
15. Who will be Raina's guide in discovering her gift?
16. Jaiying tells Skye the story of Eva Belyakov. Why did Eva steal the terragen crystals?
To destroy them
To give her daughter powers
To sell them on the black market
To prevent Jaiying from using them
17. What is Katya Belyakov's power?
She is bulletproof
She can change her appearance
She leeches emotions from others
She has enhanced strength
18. How does May stop Katya?
Cages her
Drops a shelf on her
Knocks her out
Shoots her
19. Lincoln sees Skye enjoying dinner with her parents and realizes what?
Cal and Jaiying aren't Skye's parents
Gordon is Skye's father
Raina didn't dream it, she foresaw it
Skye is his sister
20. Fitz or Simmons? "Would it still be okay if I came and hung out with you?"

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