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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E16: Afterlife
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1. 1. What is Honest Eddie's superpower?
He can out-negotiate anyone
He can see a man who means business from a mile away
He knows what kind of car you should be driving
He can match any price on any car
2. Skye awakes in an unfamiliar place and is introduced to her new transitioner. Who?
3. Fitz or Simmons? Who says the key to unlocking Fury's Toolbox may be "advanced biometric access points"?
4. What did Coulson use to bribe Agenter Weaver in order to recruit FitzSimmons from the Academy?
Carrot cake
Doctor Who DVDs
A bottle of wine
5. What does Coulson know about Gordon?
Where he comes from
Where he goes
Who he works for
None of the above
6. Skye's new place of residence is called Lai Xi in Chinese. There is no good translation into English, so its residents call it what?
7. According to Lincoln, how often is someone selected to go through transformation at Lai Xi?
One every few years
Two per year
Three every twenty years
Five every decade
8. According to Simmons, opening the Toolbox doesn't require a tech solution. What type of solution does she suggest?
A brute force solution
A chemical solution
A lab solution
A romantic solution
9. It's pizza night at Afterlife! Where does Gordon get the deep dish pizza?
New York
St Louis
10. Gonzalez's team finds Hunter and Coulson. How?
A tracker on Hunter
May tells Gonzalez where to look
By accident
Coulson calls them
11. Gonzalez's troops brought a battering ram. How long does that give Coulson and Hunter before the retreat is breached?
10 minutes
About half an hour
About an hour
6 hours
12. Lincoln has been through the terrigen mist. What is his gift?
Manipulation of electrical charges
Mind reading
Super acute eyesight
13. What did Trip and Fitz build for Coulson?
A Howling Commandos kit
A coherent light sword
A phased energy handgun
A personal invisibility cloak
14. Before Gordon can carry any messages to Skye's friends he will have to get permission from whom?
The Board of Directors
The Caretakers
The Elders
The Overseers
15. Gonzalez's forces outfox Coulson and capture him and Hunter. But backup finally arrives in the form of which powered individual?
Black Bolt
16. Skye confronts Raina and assaults her with her powers. Who interrupts the confrontation?
17. Gonzalez offers May a choice, she can shoot him for a traitor or she can do what?
Continue to be held in custody
Join the board
Join Coulson on the Index
Leave with no hard feelings
18. Coulson needs to find Gordon to find Skye. Which "bad option" is he willing to turn to to achieve this?
Agent Gonzalez
Gen. Talbot
Grant Ward
The media
19. Which Hydra agent has Agent Peterson been tracking?
Baron von Strucker
Brock Rumlow
Dr. List
Johann Schmidt
20. Along with Fury's Toolbox, Simmons packed a surprise for Fitz. What?
An icer pistol
A prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich with a hint of pesto aioli
A disguise kit
An encrypted comm unit

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