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How Well Do You Know: Begin Again
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1. After rushing to pick his daughter up from school, Dan Mulligan stops by his business to attend a meeting. What is Dan's profession?
record label executive
divorce attorney
manager at a paper supply company
2. After his partner fires him, Dan tries leaving the office with _______.
the name plaque that sat on his desk
the platinum album from an artist he signed
two months severance pay
a large painting he took off the wall
3. What piece of information about his daughter Violet does Dan get wrong while talking to her?
her middle name
her age
her weight
her eye color
4. Violet witnesses Dan getting punched in the face, after:
he hits on a woman whose boyfriend was standing nearby
he accuses a customer in a store of stealing
a bar patron makes an inappropriate comment about Violet, causing Dan to come to her defense
they run from a bar without paying the tab
5. An intoxicated Dan stumbles into the bar where Gretta is playing her song, and:
demands that Gretta stop singing so he can talk to her
passes out on a barstool
imagines the instruments behind her are playing the background arrangement
asks the bartender the identity of the incredible woman singing on stage
6. What does Dan say happened to the two Grammys he won years ago?
they are being used as paper weights in his ex-wife's house
he pawned them one night for enough money to get drunk on
they were stolen from his studio a year ago
he gave them to a homeless woman when she asked him for money
7. Why does Gretta refuse Dan's offer to make her record?
she doesn't want to associate with anyone who drinks alcohol
she's flying back home to England the next day
she's too busy with school to record anything
she has just broken up with her boyfriend and needs to concentrate on getting him back
8. Gretta thinks back to her arrival in the States along with her boyfriend, Dave. Dave and Gretta moved to New York City because Dave has newfound success in his profession, thanks to:
his music being featured in a successful movie
his hiring by the New York Philharmonic
his sitcom script being bought by NBC
being hired as a Calvin Klein model
9. Gretta runs into Steve, her good friend from back home, while he's:
working at the coffee shop she frequents
trying to hail a taxi
playing guitar on the street, trying to earn some money
begging for money in a subway station
10. While Dave is away in Los Angeles, Gretta watches a video of the two of them, where she performs a song she has written for him as his ______ gift.
11. Gretta realizes that Dave is cheating on her when she:
finds a condom wrapper in his guitar case
listens to a new song he wrote while in Los Angeles
asks to visit him in Los Angeles and he immediately says no
notices a lipstick stain on his shirt collar
12. Dan convinces Gretta to record an album using the sounds of New York City as a backdrop, after:
his business partner Saul refuses to sign her without hearing a recorded demo tape
realizing a "unique" album will appeal more to Saul than a standard one
Saul bans him from the studio's premises
hearing that Dave is recording an album the same way
13. In their search for backing musicians, Dan and Gretta visit Troublegum, a musician who:
Dan bailed out of jail years ago
is in financial debt to the studio
was discovered by and became successful because of Dan
was successful until he was accused of harassing multiple women
14. Neighborhood kids are making too much noise in the alleyway where Gretta is trying to record her first track. What does Dan wind up offering them to get them to be quiet while Gretta and the band are recording?
comic books
$5 each and a cigarette to share
Cheetos and a nudie magazine
Jay-Z concert tickets
15. Gretta meets Violet and helps her _________ in an attempt to get Violet's crush to notice her.
straighten her hair
get a manicure and pedicure
learn to walk in heels
buy a new wardrobe
16. Why is Dan upset when Gretta invites Violet to play guitar on a track being recorded that week?
he doesn't want his daughter to get involved in the fickle music business
he doesn't want to encourage a friendship between Violet and Gretta
he thinks Violet is a terrible guitarist
he thinks Violet will be a distraction to the teenage boys who are part of the backing band
17. Dan storms out of a restaurant after Gretta starts talking to him about:
a conversation she had with his estranged wife
his lack of involvement in Violet's life
whether he wants to get married again
his excessive drinking
18. What's the significance of the audio splitter cable that's hanging from Dan's rearview mirror?
it was a Father's Day gift from a young Violet
it led to Dan's interest in music as a teenager
it was thrown in the trash by Mick Jagger
it was used on his first date with his now-estranged wife
19. Dan and Gretta go back to her apartment after a night on the town, to hear from Steve that Dave, her ex, has won a music award. After watching his acceptance speech online, Steve and Gretta get drunk and make fun of Dave's newly acquired _______.
British accent
supermodel girlfriend
20. After getting drunk with Steve, Gretta ________.
calls Dan and asks him to come back over and see her
writes a song about her heartbreak and sings it on Dave's voicemail
sleeps with Steve
decides she wants the band to record another song at that very moment
21. Violet plays guitar on Gretta's track and surprises everyone by being pretty talented. It becomes even more of a family affair after:
Dan plays bass on the same track
Dan's estranged wife (Violet's mother) sings backup vocals
Gretta's brother, new to the city, plays the drums on the track
Steve invites his daughter to play the tambourine
22. Gretta meets up with Dave and they listen to each other's recordings. Dave thinks Gretta's demo is amazing, but she doesn't feel the same way about his new album, based in part because:
she was not given songwriting credit
he made the ballad she wrote for him sound like a pop song
there are too many slow songs
the name of the album is "Gretta"
23. Dan and Gretta play the demo for Saul, who loves it and wants to produce the album. Gretta balks, though, when she hears:
she will not be allowed to write her own songs on future albums
the studio will be taking 90% of the money made on the album
Dan will still not be given his job back
she will be required to tour to promote the album - opening for Dave
By way of explanation.....
She didn't understand this arrangement, as the album would cost nothing to make and would be available online only
24. Gretta shows up at the Grammercy to see Dave's show. What does he do before singing the pop-song version of the song Gretta wrote for him?
proposes to her on stage
announces he's quitting the music business unless Gretta takes him back
lets the crowd know the name of the woman who was responsible for some of his best songs
asks her to get up on stage and play guitar with him
25. Gretta decides she wants to sell her album for $1 online, rather than have Dan's studio produce it. How does Dan get potential customers interested in Gretta's album?
he asks Violet to spread the news of the album on her Facebook profile
he sends out an email blast to all of his musical connections
he puts a picture of the album cover on Instagram, with a link to her online store
he has Troublegum put news of the album on his Twitter feed

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