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How Well Do You Know: St. Vincent
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1. Vincent MacKenna is having a bad day. His bank account is overdrawn and credit line is frozen, he is kicked out of a local bar, and he angers a prostitute by not being able to pay her for her services. His day ends on an even worse note when he passes out on his kitchen floor, as a result of:
his cat attacking him when he runs out of cat food
slipping on ice and hitting his head on a cabinet door
mixing alcohol with his prescription drugs
autoerotic asphyxiation gone horribly wrong
2. Vincent meets new neighbor Maggie and her son Oliver when:
the men from the moving company that Maggie hired hit the tree in Vincent's front yard, causing damage to his car
Vincent's cat escapes his house and hides under Maggie and Oliver's porch
Vincent nearly hits Oliver, who is riding a bike in the street, with his car
Maggie stops by his house with some freshly baked goodies
3. Oliver is asked to lead the classroom's morning prayer during his first day at Saint Timothy's, his new school. Oliver indicates that this might be a problem, though, as he thinks _________.
he's Jewish
prayer is for "sissies"
he's afraid of speaking in public
he doesn't know any prayers
4. Brother Geraghty, the teacher at Oliver's new school, says that there are students of many different religions and beliefs in the classroom, and says that the fastest growing religion in the world seems to be _______.
"who cares?"
"whatever my parents tell me my religion is"
"I don't know"
5. Oliver discovers after gym class that:
a girl in his class was checking him out while he was running
his classmates tricked him, sending him to gym class instead of history class
someone has stolen his uniform, phone and keys out of his gym locker
the girls in class are making fun of his lack of physical ability behind his back
6. Oliver spends the afternoon at Vincent's house after:
asking to come inside and use Vincent's phone, since he's locked out of his house
asking if he could pet Vincent's cat, since he and his mom are not allowed to have pets in the house they are renting
falling asleep inside Vincent's car - he was tired!
asking for Vincent's help in picking the lock to his house
7. What does Vincent serve to Oliver for dinner?
cat food
pickled onions
By way of explanation.....
he tells Oliver it's "sushi"
8. Vincent offers his babysitting services - for $11/hr - as a way for Maggie to repay him for the broken fence and ________.
repairs to his front lawn
his car's front fender
damage to his driveway
the broken tree branch that fell on his car
By way of explanation.....
"Everything has a price."
9. Why is Vincent's lady-friend Daka fired from her job as a stripper?
she stood up for herself after a patron slapped her
her pregnant belly is getting too big for her to pole dance well
she isn't making as much money as her fellow strippers
she refuses to dance nude
10. Maggie gets stuck at work and calls Vincent to ask him to pick Oliver up from school. Vincent is nasty to her - why?
he assumes she is a telemarketer calling to sell him something
he is already sick of being Oliver's babysitter
he hates phone calls in general - he likes to be texted, not called
he thinks she is one of his ex-girlfriends
11. Vincent picks up Oliver at school, and after helping him fend off bullies, takes the boy with him to ________.
a funeral home
a nursing home
an elementary school
a park
12. Vincent disguises himself as ________ before heading into the room where his wife, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, resides.
a maintenance man
a housekeeper
a doctor
another nursing home resident
13. Vincent notices that Maggie has been crying before coming into the house to pick Oliver up. What's she upset about?
she misses her ex-husband
her ex-husband is having a baby with his new girlfriend
she is broke and is considering filing for bankruptcy
her ex-husband is suing for custody of Oliver
14. Shortly after Oliver arrives at Vincent's house to share the news that he thinks he broke the bully's nose in gym class thanks to Vincent's self-defense lesson, Vincent gives Oliver a lesson on _________.
horse racing and betting
playing poker
drinking scotch
driving a stick shift
15. Thanks to Oliver, Vincent wins big at the track. What does he do with the winnings, after bringing his overdrawn bank account to a $0 balance?
he opens a savings account for Oliver
he pays off the balance at his wife's nursing home
he settles his debts with Zucko the bookie
he buys a new car
16. Maggie is informed Oliver's fight at school and is called in for a conference. Which of the following is not something Maggie admits during the conference?
her ex-husband was having multiple affairs while they were married
she didn't want to send Oliver to private school, but her ex insisted she do so
Oliver is adopted
she gets depressed at work as a CAT scan tech, looking at tumors and blood clots, etc. all day long
17. Behind in his payments to the retirement home, Vincent is told he needs to pay back payments - and 3 months in advance - by the following week. How does the broke Vin try to get some money?
he becomes Daka's pimp
he rents out a room in his house to a friend from the bar
he steals bottles of medication from the retirement home's front desk
he sells his car
18. Why does Vin's plan to sell the medication go awry?
he is caught selling to an undercover police officer
the medications he's trying to sell have expired, making their selling price very low
Oliver finds the bag filled with medicine bottles and, assuming Vin is doing something illegal, gives it to Maggie
the medications are for epilepsy and softening stool, rather than painkillers
19. After losing all of Oliver's savings at the horse track, Vincent arrives home to find bookies waiting for him. They don't find much of anything of value in the house as repayment, but Vin is upset that they are taking - what?
his cat
his wife's jewelry
his television
his antique gun collection
20. Bookie Zucko and his thugs leave Vincent's house rather than beating him up - why?
Vincent collapses on the floor and they assume he will just die there
they discover he has cancer
Oliver shows up unexpectedly at the house after skipping school
the police arrive after receiving a call about "suspicious noises" coming from Vin's house
21. Oliver, Maggie and Daka all help Vincent with his therapy after the stroke, but Oliver really goes the extra mile in cheering Vin up, by sneaking ______ into Vin's hospital room.
Playboy issues
Vin's cat
22. Vin is upset to learn that ________ while he was in the hospital recovering from the stroke.
his wife died
his cat ran away
Maggie filed a lawsuit against hi
he was banned from the local bar
23. How does Oliver know that his father cheated on Maggie with multiple women?
his teacher, Brother Geraghty, filled him in
it's her Facebook status
his father admitted it to him during a visitation
Vincent told him
24. Oliver decides to do his "Saints Among Us" presentation on Vincent, and interviews Vin's acquaintances. Who helps Oliver do this?
former bully - now Oliver's friend - Ocinski
his father
Brother Geraghty
25. How does Vincent discover that he is the subject of Oliver's "Saints Among Us" presentation?
Maggie kidnaps him and brings him, blindfolded, into the auditorium
Daka tricks him into thinking she's in labor, and drives him to the school rather than to the hospital
he receives a letter from Oliver's school, informing him of such
Ana, the worker from the nursing home, calls him and begs him to show up at the ceremony

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