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How Well Do You Know: Annie (2014)
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1. At the beginning of the movie, Annie does a presentation in class about this US President:
Abraham Lincoln
Harry Truman
Franklin Roosevelt
John Kennedy
2. At the movie's opening, William Stacks is:
Up in the polls for the mayor's race
Has not yet entered the mayor's race
Is in a dead heat for the mayor's race
Down in the polls for the mayor's race
3. Stacks' business motto is:
Make Connections
Make It Happen
Tomorrow, Today
Never Drop a Call
4. Annie waits for her parents each Friday night outside the Italian restaurant where she was left. At the end of each unsuccessful evening, the restaurant's proprietor gives her:
A piece of pizza
Spaghetti and meatballs
5. Ms. Hannigan makes her charges clean the house as they sing "It's a Hard-knock Life." Where does she forbid them to look?
Her medicine cabinet
Her safe
Her underwear drawer
Her nightstand
6. Ms. Hannigan claims to have been in this band, only to have been kicked out just before the band made it big:
C + C Music Factory
Miami Sound Machine
Backstreet Boys
7. Stacks takes a PR hit when, serving at a lunch for the homeless, he spits out:
Mashed potatoes
8. Grace facetiously refers to Stacks as this superhero:
Iron Man
9. Early in the film, what is the relationship between bodega owner Lou and Ms. Hannigan?
They both dislike each other
Lou pines for Ms. Hannigan, who dislikes Lou
Ms. Hannigan pines for Lou, who dislikes Ms. Hannigan
They are both smitten with each other, but neither knows
10. Annie will tell you she's not an orphan, but rather:
A foster kid
A daughter-in-waiting
A foundling
An adoptee-to-be
11. Stacks and Annie get to know each other a bit for the first time when they:
Walk around Central Park together
Go bowling together
Ride the subway together
Go to lunch together
12. After Annie casually mentions it, who seizes on the idea of Annie movie in with Stacks?
Nash, Stacks' driver
13. Annie speaks this phrase so Grace can record her voice for the smart-home:
The sun'll come out tomorrow
I think I'm gonna like it here
I'm already better off
I'm never gonna want to leave
14. Annie, to Stacks: I haven't been to Disney World, but I don't think they have a __________ ride.
15. Who does Annie ask for help in finding her parents?
16. Annie's twitter account handle is:
17. Stacks takes Annie and her friends to a movie premiere. The movie concerns beings from:
The moon
The sun
18. Stacks has to leave the premiere after-party to go:
Go to a fundraising dinner
Appear on a TV talk show
Perform the coin-flip at a football game
Oversee the demolition of a building
19. This celebrity appears in a TV ad endorsing Harold Gray, Stack's opponent in the mayoral race:
Michael J. Fox
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Justin Bieber
20. Annie claims to Stacks to be a great ________ (she is really, really not):
Window washer
Wardrobe consultant
21. Stacks points out to Annie that one of his cell towers is hidden in:
Madison Square Gardens
The Statue of Liberty
The Flatiron Building
The Brooklyn Bridge
22. As he is getting dressed, Annie spots Stacks adjusting his:
Hearing aid
Fake teeth
23. Annie wears a fancy dress to an event with Stacks. The part of the dress that makes for the most conversation is:
The zipper
The bow
The hem
The shawl
24. Annie cannot:
See colors
Hear properly
See well
25. Guy and Ms. Hannigan concoct their scheme to fabricate Annie's parents while singing about this kind of road:
Mean Street
Easy Street
The Fast Lane
Memory Lane
26. Out in the city with Annie, Stacks points out a __________ where his father used to work:
Train track
Subway station
Newspaper stand
27. Guy tells Stacks Annie's parents have been found as:
Annie is being tutored
Annie is playing ball with Sandy
Annie is ice skating
Annie is toasting marshmallows
28. Annie's "parents" tell her they are moving to:

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