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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E12: Who You Really Are
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1. Which familiar Asgardian do we see walking out of the sea in Portugal as the episode opens?
Elliot Randolph
Lady Sif
2. Fitz or Simmons? Who interrupts Skye's training bout with May?
3. What offer does Coulson make Hunter?
Break up with Morse or leave the team
Go undercover as an Indexed gifted
A permanent position on the team
Take over as Director
4. Lady Sif is not herself. What ails her?
5. Simmons is working on new icers. What changes is she making?
A more concentrated dendrotoxin
Lighter weight
Smaller size
Stronger components
6. How many intelligent species in the known realms breath nitrogen?
7. Why is the subject of Lady Sif's search blue?
He's a Smurf
He's an Andorian
He's a Kree
He ate too much colloidal silver
8. What does "kava" mean in Kree?
9. Hunter is a potential threat to Bobbi's divided allegiances. How does Mack suggest she deal with him?
Bring him into the loop
Do nothing
Kill him
Push him away
10. Where did Whitehall's excavations uncover the Diviner?
Calvary, Sweden
Corvalis, Texas
Covas, Portugal
Coventry, England
11. S.H.I.E.L.D. surprises the Kree in Covas, Portugal. How is he captured?
With a net
With an icer
May takes him down in hand to hand combat
He isn't, he escaped
12. Vin-Tak carries a truncheon. What power does this bestow upon him?
The power to fly
The power of super strength
The power to hypnotize his foes
The power to erase memories
13. Who created terragenesis as a way to create soldiers?
The Asgardians
The Kree
The Nazis
The Skrull
14. Vin-Tak is not a fan of humans transformed by terragenesis. How does he describe them?
Bantha fodder
Scum of Earth
Walking timebombs
15. Vin-Tak and Lady Sif both turn on Skye. Where does May take Skye to protect her?
Coulson's office
The interrogation room on the Bus
The quarantine chamber
Vault D
16. How are Skye's powers brought under control while in the vault?
Falling debris knocks her out
Force of will
She shoots herself with an icer
May knocks her unconscious
17. What does Fitz use to take down Vin-Tak?
The Bambino
The Big Bad Gun
The Noisy Cricket
The Steamroller
18. Skye discovers the team is divided over whether she is a threat. Who does she overhear being her defender?
19. Where does Skye take up residence in a bid to protect the team and herself?
Back into Vault D
Her bunk
The interrogation room on the Bus
Back into quarantine
20. Hunter knows something is up and confronts Mack. How does Mack react?
He denies everything
He attacks Hunter
He comes clean
He says nothing

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