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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E07: They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?
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1. Luke and Lorelai are staring out the diner window, watching the people walking by...why?
Lorelai is looking for a new partner for the 24-hour dance marathon
they are wondering why nobody is coming into the diner to eat breakfast
Lorelai is waiting to flash Kirk as he walks by the diner
Lorelai is trying to find a suitable woman for Luke to date
2. The dance marathon isn't raising money to restore the town's bridge - it only took 8 years, but the Tennessee Williams-lookalike contest raised the last bit of money needed for the bridge. What IS the dance marathon raising money for?
a second stop light
destruction of the new bridge (it wasn't restored properly)
a tarp to put over the bridge
a new sign to be put in front of Stars Hollow High School
3. Stanley Appleman, Lorelai's dance partner, bails on her after ________.
he sprains his ankle during Miss Patty's waltzing lesson
Miss Patty shows Stanley's wife a picture of Lorelai
Taylor harasses him for the marathon's entry fee
he sees how poorly Lorelai dances
4. Paris's plan to work on the Franklin's 75th-anniversary issue is uncertain when she finds _______ waiting for her at Chilton.
Jamie, her summer date in D.C.
her nanny
her absentee parents
a newspaper reporter
5. Rory has filled Dean in on some of the happenings during the annual dance marathon. Which of the following is not something that happens every year?
Andrew storms off the dance floor after he and his date get into a fight within the first 15 minutes
Miss Patty insists on singing showtunes at the start of every hour
Kirk takes his victory lap to the theme from "Rocky"
Taylor gets punch-drunk at hour 15 and tells stories about how he always wanted to be a magician
6. Rory agrees to be Lorelai's dance partner if, and only if, ________.
every single eligible male dance partner in Stars Hollow turns down Lorelai
Dean gives his approval
Lorelai takes Rory shopping for a new outfit for the dance
Paris agrees to reschedule working on the Franklin anniversary issue
7. Why doesn't Paris want Madeline and Louise to know about her relationship with Jamie?
one or both of them will try to steal Jamie away from Paris
they'll start singing the "Trojan Man" song from the condom commercial
she doesn't want them to think she is "weak" for choosing a boyfriend over schoolwork
they will pressure Paris to sleep with Jamie, which is something Paris isn't ready for
8. It's 5:30AM on dance marathon day, and Sookie has a problem, which came about as a result of _________ the night before.
her ironing Jackson's suit
her lighting scented candles while taking a bath
her making coq au vin for dinner
her calling Jackson "Pookie"
9. Sookie is not in sync with Jackson's wish to ________.
have 4 children in 4 years
move out of Stars Hollow
open a business together
adopt a child
10. Lane and her mother are serving food for the dancers - eggless egg salad sandwiches. Each sandwich comes with something special - what?
a Bible
a roll of Tums
a pamphlet on the how dancing affects your chances of spending eternity in hell
a diagram of what Mrs. Kim seems to be proper dress code for a dance
11. The dance marathon is off to a shaky start for Rory and Lorelai when they discover that ______.
bets are being placed on who wins the trophy
their dancing will be video taped
Luke's coffee isn't ready yet
Dean was fighting with Jess outside the high school
By way of explanation.....
He sneaks them a thermos of coffee he had brought with him from the diner
12. Right on time, Andrew and his date start fighting and they leave the dance floor, after his date claims that she:
is a millionaire
dated Liam Neeson
competed on "Survivor"
invented the internet
13. Break time is not a very happy time for the Gilmore ladies. While Rory is having a verbal sparring match with Jess, Lorelai is learning the hard way that _______ has an issue with her.
By way of explanation.....
Jackson's not pleased that Lorelai made her opinion known to Sookie over how crazy the idea of "four in four" is.
14. Taylor starts dozing off by hour 23 of the marathon; Miss Patty unsuccessfully tries to _______.
stop him from snoring
end the dancing and send everyone home
get him to drink some of Luke's coffee
steal his megaphone from him
15. Dean is called onto the dance floor to hold up an exhausted Rory, after Lorelai has to temporarily leave the dance floor. What causes Lorelai to have to leave?
her dress ripped when Kirk "accidentally" stepped on the hem
the shoe of her heel breaks off
she needs to use the bathroom
her makeup is starting to run, causing her to have problems seeing
16. While fixing her broken shoe, Luke takes the opportunity to tell Lorelai that _________.
she looks amazing
he has been giving her decaf coffee during the dance marathon
he is not as "anti-kid" as he may have seemed earlier
he is dating someone
17. Lane gets a surprise visit from Dave Rygalski, who tells her he has missed her. He uses a coded message while talking to Mrs. Kim about _________, which lets Lane know where he will be waiting for her after the dance marathon is over.
his classes at Stars Hollow High
his parents and bible study
his pants
being a vegetarian
18. Rory rants to Dean about Jess and his girlfriend's presence at the marathon. Dean responds by:
kissing Jess's girlfriend in front of Rory and Jess
breaking up with Rory on the dance floor with everyone watching
punching Jess in the face, breaking his nose
getting down on one knee on the dance floor and proposing to Rory
19. Jess and Rory acknowledge their mutual feelings for each other after Jess finds her _______.
sitting on the dock by the lake
crying outside of the diner
in the Stars Hollow High girls locker room
waiting for him inside Luke's apartment
20. Who wins the dance marathon?
Morey and Babette
Jackson and Sookie
Andrew and his partner
Kirk and his partner

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