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1. What is the name Lorelai gave a store to test whether her name would be sold to multiple mailing lists?
Emily Gilmore
Squeegee Beckenheim
Moon Unit Zappa
Cutie von Cranky-Pants
By way of explanation.....
When she forgot that fake name, she started using the name Tookie Clothespin.
2. What is Taylor's idea for preventing birds in town from defecating on people walking below?
place spikes on top of the places the birds land
put a giant net over the entire town
stray cats need to be brought into town to control the bird population
put poison in the town bird feeders
3. Taylor calls the town meeting to a close when the townspeople in attendance get distracted by:
the flock of birds sitting on top of Luke's Diner
Miss Patty's date, who is standing outside waiting for her
Jess and his girlfriend, making out in the back row during the meeting
Kirk's outfit, which is identical to the outfit Taylor is wearing
4. Leaving the town meeting, Luke, Lorelai and Rory discover that ________.
Jess has once again left town
Christopher has returned to Stars Hollow
Jess has bought a car
Lorelai's Jeep has been broken into
5. Luke had no idea Jess had bought a car; he also has no idea _______.
how Jess had enough money to buy a car, given what he makes at the diner
whether or not Jess has a driver's license
who in their right mind would have sold Jess a car
why Jess would need a car, since his high school is across the street from the diner
6. What event prompts Rory's admission to Lorelai that she has been in contact with Christopher?
Lorelai hears a message from Christopher to Rory on the answering machine
Christopher shows up at their house
Rory receives an invitation to Sherry's baby shower
Rory gets a birth announcement for her new baby sister
7. Kirk pretends to be a(n) _________ while at Luke's Diner, but Luke is on to the charade and realizes that Kirk is making stuff up. Kirk begs Luke to keep his "secret".
car aficionado
animal lover
ladies' man
Rhodes scholar
8. Rabbi Barans and Reverend Skinner do something that Taylor does NOT agree with - what?
they decide to hold their services in separate places of worship, rather than at the church
they allow the "town loner" to protest at the church they share
they bill Taylor for his use of the church's reception hall
they decide to protest Taylor's ideas to drive the birds out of Stars Hollow
9. What do Lane and Rory consider to be "vaguely disturbing" and "some sort of cosmic joke"?
stretch marks
the fact that only women can get pregnant
morning sickness
10. How does Lorelai end up at Sherry's baby shower?
her Jeep won't start and she needs to come inside and use Sherry's phone to call a tow truck
Sherry goes into early labor and asks Lorelai to stay with her
Sherry puts her on the spot and twists her arm, so to speak, until she agrees to join the party with Rory
Christopher calls her and begs her to give Sherry some guidance on how to care for an infant
11. Where does Lorelai, the only mother at the shower, say she got her information on child-raising?
"Mommie Dearest"
the movie "For Keeps"
the Babysitters Club books
her fourth grade teacher
By way of explanation.....
"She went to the prom fat. I found it really inspirational."
12. Saddened and frustrated when Sherry tells her how involved with being a good partner and parent Christopher has been, Lorelai takes out her frustrations by _______.
sticking a knife into the cake shaped like a baby
rearranging the items in Sherry's medicine cabinet while using the bathroom
getting drunk
sneaking into Sherry and Chris's bedroom and screaming into a pillow
13. Luke confronts Jess about where he got the money to buy his car. Jess is vague at first, leading Luke to ask whether Jess is ______.
robbing banks
stealing money from the safe in Luke's apartment
a drug dealer
a gigolo
14. How DID Jess get the money for the car?
by selling some of Luke's baseball cards
by working at Wal-Mart
by washing cars at the local gas station
by panhandling
15. What does Rory suggest she and a sad Lorelai do as a type of catharsis?
smash Jess's car windows with a baseball bat
puncture Jess's front tires
throw deviled eggs at Jess's car
spray paint dirty sayings on Jess's car doors
16. The townspeople gather to watch the town loner's protest. What was he protesting?
police brutality
the annual Firelight Festival
the traffic light
nobody knows
By way of explanation.....
his banner ripped, and his yelling was unintelligible

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