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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E05: Eight O'Clock at the Oasis
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1. There is something going on that, to Lorelai and Rory's delight, makes Luke and Jess really uncomfortable. What's going on?
a male stripper is performing a show for Miss Patty in the center of town
a child is vomiting onto the sidewalk outside the diner
Taylor and a mystery woman are getting frisky while sitting in the diner
a woman is breastfeeding in the diner
2. Michel begs Lorelai to let him do something - what?
attend an auction with her
have a full week off of work
fire a staff member who he feels is incompetent
hide Sookie's Cornish game hens before she can make them for that night's dinner
3. Lorelai meets her new, offbeat neighbor Dwight when he stops by the Gilmore house to introduce himself and ask for a favor. What does he ask Lorelai to do for him?
water his lawn while he's on a business trip
walk his dog while he's on vacation
feed his fish while he's away on his honeymoon
watch his young daughter while he's in prison (only for 2 weeks!)
4. What is the nickname Emily has been given by her society friends involved in the auction planning?
Hurricane Emily
Get-More Gilmore
The Cobra
Il Duce
5. Lorelai meets an attractive mystery man at the auction when:
they get into a bidding war over an antique vase
they split the only glass of red wine left at the bar
she stumbles while getting out of her seat and falls into his lap
he steals her taxi after the auction ends
6. Lorelai unsuccessfully tries to get the auction house to divulge the name of the mystery man. In trying to get this information, Lorelai says he was an acquaintance from school, who she knew only by his nickname, _______.
7. How does Lorelai find out the identity of the mystery man?
she mentions him to Emily, asking Emily for his phone number
she sees him at the supermarket and "accidentally" runs into him in the produce section
she sees his face on a billboard and calls the number listed on the ad
he winds up being her new eye doctor
8. Lorelai and Rory stop by Dwight's house to water his lawn and wind up inside his house. They find, among other things, a closet filled with nothing but ________.
taxidermied cats
board games
9. Peyton the mystery man returns Lorelai's call and asks her out. Where does he want to take her on their date?
a David Bowie concert
another auction
a Yankees game
a monster truck rally
By way of explanation.....
He also invites her out to dinner so he doesn't have to wait weeks until the concert to see her.
10. What is Lorelai's main concern while she's getting ready for her date?
that her date might not be as attractive as she remembers him being
whether her date will be turned off by the fact she has a teenage daughter
whether her shoes match her outfit
that her date knows Emily
11. Lorelai's date was not a smashing success - boring Peyton seemed to talk endlessly about ______.
the gym and his cats
house renovations
his car and wine
his mother and his ex-wife
12. What was the item Michel bought for himself at the auction?
a painting of dogs playing poker
an 18th century bleeding bowl
a guillotine
Hollywood memorabilia
13. Richard calls Lorelai to discuss the apology he feels she owes Peyton for canceling their second date. Richard explains the importance of Emily's social status - and how it may be affected by Lorelai canceling a date with the son of another D.A.R. member - with a story about _______.
the ladies standing in line at Saks, waiting for assistance
the order in which the ladies are served their cups of tea
the titles the ladies use when addressing each other
the fancy cars the ladies drive
14. Jess helps Rory with a problem when she can't get in touch with Dean. What's the problem?
a thief stole her backpack
her house key is stuck in the lock
she can't get Dwight's lawn sprinklers to shut off
Babette's cat is running loose in the Gilmore back yard
15. Lorelai apologizes to Emily for the awkward situation she's put her in, and offers to go to the David Bowie concert with Peyton if it makes things easier for Emily. What is Emily's response to this?
she wants Lorelai to borrow one of Rory's sweaters to wear to the concert
she gives Lorelai a hug
she tells Lorelai it's not necessary to see Peyton again
she indicates that she's already called Peyton to let him know Lorelai will be attending the concert with him

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