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How Well Do You Know: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 1 Part 1
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1. "Kimmy Goes Outside!": You know this, right? Right?!? The Mole Women are rescued from their bunker in Durnsville, which is located in this state:
2. "Kimmy Goes Outside!": "Are you alone, or are you some sort of tiny businessman?" The first time Kimmy meets Buckley, he is committing this transgression:
3. "Kimmy Goes Outside!": This real-life news person interviews the Mole Women, though s/he is addressed as.....
Bryant Gumbel / Al
Katie Couric / Diane
Matt Lauer / Bryant
Diane Sawyer / Katie
4. "Kimmy Goes Outside!" Titus reveals to Kimmy that he has auditioned 20 times in 15 years for this musical:
The Lion King
Show Boat
5. "Kimmy Gets a Job!" Titus realizes he is being scammed by Ray Ray's Costume Depot when he sees people dressed in the fashion of:
Sesame Street characters
A mariachi band
6. "Kimmy Gets a Job!": Jacqueline decides to recreate her first date with Julian at Buckley's birthday party, so she dresses as:
A secretary
A stewardess
A schoolteacher
A cable repair woman
7. "Kimmy Gets a Job!": Titus busts Ray Ray for copyright infringement, noting that his costume is not Iron Man, but rather:
Metallic Super Dude
Metal Hero Friend
Fortified Alloy Fellow
Super Sam Steel
8. "Kimmy Goes on a Date": Xanthippe is upset that this town, which Kimmy claims she is from, actually exists:
Middletown, Ohio
Crossstate, Iowa
Coordinate, Kansas
Glass Falls, Illinois
9. "Kimmy Goes on a Date": At the funeral of an old Korean man, Titus sings a song popularized by:
Ricky Martin
Bloodhound Gang
Dexy's Midnight Runners
Boyz II Men
10. "Kimmy Goes on a Date": We learn through a flashback that Jackie Lynn - errrr....., Jacqueline - was born as a member of this tribe:
11. "Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!": As evidence that Kimmy needs professional help, Titus cites the fact that she is afraid of this substance, but doesn't know why:
Post-It notes
12. "Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!": Realizing he needs headshots for an audition, Titus has photos taken:
At a police station
At the Voorhees residence
At an airport
At an arcade
13. "Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!": Jacqueline says the last name of her dermatologist is pronounced "Franff", but it's actually spelled:
14. "Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!": Titus auditions for a role in "Spidermen 2: Too Many Spidermen," directed by Myron, the third ________ brother:
15. "Kimmy Kisses a Boy!": When a man on the street tells Kimmy he wishes he were her jeans, she responds that she wishes she was his:
Red tie
Orange vest
Yellow hat
Black shoes
16. "Kimmy Kisses a Boy!": Titus suspects Brandon, the visiting Cyndee's boyfriend, is gay, even though he presents her with the traditional ______ and flowers of Indiana courtship:
Motor oil
Peanut butter
17. "Kimmy Kisses a Boy!": Thanks to a buttdialing misunderstanding, Kimmy is led to believe that this phrase is a new way to say goodbye:
Ricochet the corner, Mikey!
Teabag the column, Ricky!
Troll the respawn, Jeremy!
Fat 540, Dougie!
18. "Kimmy Goes to School!": Lyrics are the least important part of any song, including the one Tits writes, which is called:
Hugo Boss
Pinot Noir
Mirror Man
19. "Kimmy Goes to School!": The curriculum for Kimmy's GED class is designed largely around this movie:
Basic Instinct
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Major League
The Cutting Edge
20. "Kimmy Goes to School!": Lillian and Titus point out to Xanthippe that this item handed down from a distant ancestor has been stolen by her friends:
False leg

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