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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E07: Snafu
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1. The episode opens with Dr. Ivchenko (answering to Dr. Fennhoff) reading which book?
"The Magic of Oz"
"Mein Kampf"
"The Tragic Life of Dr. Faustus"
"War and Peace"
2. According to Dr. Ivchenko, what type of liar is Agent Carter?
3. Agent Thompson, in Carter's opinion, views her as…?
A secretary turned damsel in distress.
The girl on the pedestal
A kitten to be protected
A pathological liar
4. While all of those views of her annoy Carter, what is worse, far worse, in Carter's eyes?
The awful hours
The camaraderie
The ignorance
The shoddy police work
5. What does Jarvis use to gain access to SSR headquarters?
His charm and wit
A signed confession from Howard Stark
A pistol
One of Stark's bad babies
6. For the record, what does Chief Dooley think of Jarvis?
He's dangerous
He's a fool
He's a moron
He's repulsive
7. Carter is out of the SRR. What personal possessions does she box up from her desk?
1 photo, 1 compact and 1 lipstick
2 notebooks
Nylons, a hat, a photo album, and a pair of sensible shoes
8. Who wrote Stark's confession?
Stark's lawyers
9. For Jarvis's edification, what does Carter describe as "quite unpleasant"?
Being shot
Being hanged
Kissing Dottie
Kissing Howard
10. What happens in 90 minutes?
Carter has to be packed and on the street
Dooley meets his wife for dinner
Leviathan is coming
Stark lands at Teterboro
11. Which item isn't on the list of things that cause the men of the SSR to notice Carter?
12. What secret does Carter reveal to regain the SSR's trust?
The Captain America blood sample
Dottie Underwood's real name
Howard Stark's location
Dr. Ivchenko's power
13. To gain Chief Dooley's cooperation, Dr. Ivchenko gives him visions of what?
Arresting Stark
Promotion to Director of the SSR
A vacation on a Tahitian beach
A happy family life
14. What's the one thing Chief Dooley can actually cook?
Pot roast
Roast chicken
15. Which item does Dr. Ivchenko remove from the SSR lab?
Item 07
Item 13
Item 17
Item 24
16. Who is the first SSR agent to confront Dottie outside the dentist's office?
17. Dr. Ivchenko gives Chief Dooley the vest from the lab. What does the vest do?
Gives the wearer extra strength
Gives the wearer extra speed
Turns the wearer invisible
Acts as armor and creates heat
18. Dooley is wearing a vest that is going to explode. Before he sacrifices himself to save the SSR team, what message does he ask be delivered to his wife?
He loves her
He's sorry he missed dinner
He will see her on the other side
Tell the kids he loves them
19. Where do Dottie and Dr. Ivchenko test Item 17?
A church
A movie theater
A school
A train station
20. What does Item 17 do?
It causes people to crave brains
It makes people smile and laugh uncontrollably
It makes people murderously violent.
It pacifies people to the point of death

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