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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E04: One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes
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1. Which of the following is not a silly premonition Lorelai has about her cause of death?
a house falls on her like in "The Wizard of Oz"
she slips on a banana peel and falls into a giant vat of whipped cream
a turtle eats her, immobilizing her with poison in his first bite
her shotgun backfires while hunting, and her face spins around her head like in a Daffy Duck cartoon
2. Lane is now a member of a band, but is finding it difficult, because:
she still doesn't know how to play the drums
they have to practice quietly so Mrs. Kim doesn't hear them
the band is still looking for a lead singer
her band mates have no way of contacting her without going through Mrs. Kim
3. Lane tells bandmate Dave Rygalski that being able to attend band practice in Hartford will be as easy for her as ________.
convincing her mother to let her get a nose ring
mastering quantum physics and learning Sanskrit
seeing the Beatles in concert
reading War and Peace in a day
4. The mother of one of Rory's old Stars Hollow High classmates calls Lorelai to ask for her participation in a business presentation at the school. Lorelai is excited and honored that she has been considered a business success, but is also a bit surprised that _________.
Sookie was not also asked to participate
the SHHS mom has such fond memories of Lorelai, given that Lorelai has no recollection of her at all
she has been asked to speak to SHHS students, when her own child does not attend the school
Mia wasn't asked to give the speech, given that she owns the inn
5. Lane tries working up the nerve to tell her mother about the band, but chickens out when Mrs. Kim __________.
looks over applications to religious colleges with Lane
mentions that non religious music is the "work of Satan"
informs Lane she will be spending the summer doing volunteer work in Burma
gets angry at a customer for breaking a mirror
6. What does Mrs. Kim consider to be a "party school"?
one that has balloons showing on any page of the recruitment materials
one that has fraternities or sororities of any kind
one that has a prominent theater program
one which allows boys and girls to sit in the cafeteria together
7. Luke calls Lorelai at the inn, refusing to participate in the PTA business presentation of local successful business people. He says he was originally forced to participate under coercion, as Lorelai _________ in order to get him to participate.
tap danced on the counter
use "baby talk" loudly in the diner around the other customers
hung up signs in front of the diner, begging him to participate
belched the alphabet during the middle of a lunch rush
8. Lane decides to rebel against her mother by dyeing her hair. Who is working behind the counter at Stars Hollow Beauty Supply when Rory and Lane go there to buy the hair dye?
Dean's sister
Shane, Jess's girlfriend
9. While looking through Luke's closet for an appropriate outfit for him to wear to the business presentation, Lorelai finds something that seems very "un-Luke". What does she find?
a Jimmy Buffett shirt
penny loafers
a tie collection
a fedora
By way of explanation.....
"You like Jimmy Buffett? But he's so mellow."
10. What does Lorelai tell Luke when they leave his apartment to head to Stars Hollow High for the presentation?
Jess was stealing money out of Luke's top dresser drawer
Jess had a girl hiding in the closet
Luke's apartment is in desperate need of a remodel
the lamp sitting on the living room table, "donated" by Jess, was reported stolen by a Stars Hollow homeowner the previous week
11. Why does Rory send Lane outside for a run around the block?
she doesn't think Lane gets enough exercise
bleaching her hair is resulting in a burning sensation, so Lane needs a distraction
it will help Lane's complexion
Dave is attracted to girls who are physically fit, so it will help Lane to get into shape
12. Lorelai delights in teasing Luke when she finds a plaque with a teenage Luke in the SHHS sports trophy case. What was Luke's nickname in high school?
Great Danes
13. What does Lane admit to Rory while Rory is dyeing Lane's hair?
she's in love with Dave, her bandmate
she is attracted to Dean
she doesn't want to go to college
she doesn't love playing the drums as much as she claims to
14. Lorelai gets flustered during her business presentation speech when __________.
the students only ask her questions about her getting pregnant at 16
Luke tries to distract her, making funny faces at her from the back of the room
she realizes she forgot her notes at the inn
there is a fire drill in the middle of her speech
15. Rory heads back to the beauty supply shop after Lane panics, wanting her hair dyed back to black. Rory is rude to Shane the cashier about something she overheard during Shane's phone conversation (presumably with Jess) - what?
the plural of "sheep" is still "sheep"
"blondes have more fun" is not a scientific fact
"bloaty" is not a word
"moot point" is correct; "moo point" is not
16. Luke attempts to talk to Jess about women after Jess confirms that Shane was hiding in the closet earlier. Jess admits that he doesn't care about Shane, but the girl he does care about doesn't give a damn about him. He then accuses Luke of _______.
trying to keep him from having any kind of life in Stars Hollow
trying to mold Jess into an exact (moody, lonely) replica of Luke
trying to destroy any kind of relationship/friendship between Jess and Rory, out of jealousy
acting like a puppy dog around Lorelai, hoping one day she will like him back
17. What does Lane ask Lorelai to hide at the Gilmore house as forever proof that she did, for a brief shining moment, have purple hair?
a lock of the purple hair
a Polaroid picture of her with purple hair
the empty jar of purple hair dye
the receipt from the beauty supply store

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