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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E03: Application Anxiety
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1. What were Rory and Lorelai doing when Rory's application to Harvard arrived in the mail?
cleaning out the refrigerator
drawing mustaches and devil horns on celebrities in an issue of People Magazine
having a junk food taste test
watching "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour"
2. Rory discovers that as a baby, Lorelai used to call her by what nickname?
"Baby Blue Eyes"
"Number Three" (as in, the third Lorelai)
"Chiquita Banana"
"Droopy Drawers"
3. Why do Lorelai and Rory move their read-through of the Harvard application from the kitchen to the porch?
there is a mouse making itself at home on their kitchen floor
Lane's at the house trying to write an ad seeking a band to drum in, and she needs to blast loud music to finish the ad
Morey is using the living room as a practice space for his band
Rory wants to sit on the porch and wait for Dean to arrive, so she can show him the application the minute he arrives
4. Rory tells Dean that chores/house jobs are, in her opinion, _________.
part of being a productive member of society
something you avoid until the Environmental Protection Agency steps in
something that teenagers should earn an allowance for doing
a form of cruel and unusual punishment
5. Luke is suspicious when he sees Taylor, outside the diner, __________.
taking pictures of the neighboring building
measuring the distance from the diner to the street
standing in front of the traffic light with stopwatch in hand
holding paint samples
6. Rory is discouraged when she hears a college admissions officer use the topic of her admissions essay as an example of a run-of-the-mill choice that lacks originality. What WAS Rory planning on writing her essay on, until she heard this?
Hillary Clinton
John F. Kennedy
Sandra Day O'Connor
Stephen Hawking
7. Emily shares with Lorelai information that she read in college issues of magazines. The information Lorelai hears results in:
Lorelai and Rory freaking out in private after sneaking into Richard's office
Lorelai telling Emily to stop believing what she's read in those magazines
Lorelai and Emily burning the magazines in the fireplace before Rory arrives
Lorelai calling Harvard admissions from Richard's office phone to verify if the information relayed to her is accurate
8. Lorelai jokes with Rory that instead of going to college, she should:
join an all-girl group with Lorelai and Lane
marry rich and be a society gal like Emily
work for Lorelai at the inn
be a professional groupie for Lane's new band
9. Two young boys - and Kirk - enter the diner and ask Luke for specific items that of course he doesn't carry. It turns out Taylor is behind this - what does he want?
he wants Luke to expand his "boring, tired" menu
he wants to open an old-fashioned soda shop in the building next to the diner
he wants Luke to audition for a role in his play about the history of Stars Hollow
he wants Luke to buy the ingredients need to make the items from Doose's Market
10. Taylor believes that opening a soda shop will give teenagers a place to congregate, keeping them off the street. What does Taylor show Luke as "proof" that the local teenagers are nothing but trouble?
a video recording of teens singing as they walk down the street
a gum wrapper from a teen who littered in front of the market
a list of the number of Stars Hollow High students who have had detention in the last month
pictures of teens skateboarding
11. Rory and Lorelai visit the home of Harvard alumnus Darren Springsteen and his family. While alone in the room after the family goes to prepare lunch, the ladies joke about what has happened so far. Which of the following is not discussed?
Rory didn't understand why Lorelai told the alumnus that Rory liked sports
Lorelai makes fun of the odd name of the alumnus' favorite sculptor
Lorelai mocks the length of the wife's skirt
Lorelai insinuates that the alumnus' children are are more than just siblings
12. Lorelai and Rory unwittingly participate in a "Springsteen family tradition" during lunch - what?
playing "Name That Tune"
quizzes at meals
eating half the meal and throwing the rest away
eating the dessert first
13. On her way to the bathroom, Rory meets the "other daughter", who is happy to be finding herself instead of going to Harvard to please her parents. When Rory meets her, she is changing out of her waitressing uniform, and into attire she needs for her job as ________.
a stripper
a salesperson in a shoe store
an acrobat
a "birthday bunny"
14. At the town meeting, Taylor brings up his desire to open a soda shop in the building next to the diner. While potential landlord Luke is fighting the idea entirely, the rest of the townspeople are busy checking out - what?
the woman Taylor brought to the meeting as his "special female guest"
the giant horse-drawn carriage in the (otherwise to scale) model Taylor has had built
Miss Patty's engagement ring
the proposed menu of the soda shop
15. What does Dean want to discuss with Rory after the town meeting has ended?
whether it's time for them to "take things to the next level"
whether Lorelai will allow Rory to spend her school break in Chicago with Dean and his family
whether they will break up or stay together once she goes to college
a fight he had with Jess at school the previous day
16. Jackson asks Lorelai what she is planning on doing with Rory's room once she's away at school. He's looking for a place to _________ and thinks Rory's room would be the perfect place for that.
store his collection of antique farming tools
nap, since Sookie won't let him sleep in the house during the day
study for his agricultural exams
build a greenhouse
17. Lorelai and Rory postpone their plans for the afternoon in order to hang out together. What do they see as they are walking through town?
the Springsteen family, checking out Stars Hollow, the town Rory spoke so highly of
Kirk getting job advice from the "birthday bunny"
Luke and Taylor fighting over the sign hanging in front of the eventual soda shop, as well as the name of the shop
Dean and Jess in the middle of a fistfight

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