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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E01: Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days
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1. Lorelai wakes up in the middle of the night after having a crazy dream, and calls Rory in Washington, D.C. to analyze the dream. Which of the following did not happen or was not part of her dream?
30 alarm clocks went off at once in order to wake her up in said dream
Luke was making her a vegetarian breakfast, as Lorelai no longer ate meat
Luke switched her regular coffee with decaf, which did not fool her
she was pregnant with Luke's twins
2. Lorelai eats breakfast at Sookie's house, watching Jackson and Sookie spat about something seemingly insignificant. What are they fighting about?
whether the spare bedroom should be used for storage or turned into a nursery for "when the time comes"
whether the house is "manly" enough (Sookie says no, Jackson says he's happy with the house as it is)
the flowers growing in the planters outside, which Sookie thinks are ugly but Jackson loves
whether they should adopt a puppy
3. How did Taylor, stuck in a wheelchair, hurt his leg?
Luke hit it with a baseball bat
someone put a banana peel on his doorstep
Kirk's dog bit his ankle
he tripped over a table while dancing
4. At the Junior Leadership brunch in D.C., Paris corners Senator Barbara Boxer, ranting about:
the lack of muffins at the daily breakfast buffet
how bad it looks when Bono travels with political leaders
Hillary Clinton's pantsuits
the lack of intelligence of some of the other students in attendance
5. Rory's highlight of the summer wasn't at all political - she liked:
seeing Archie Bunker's chair at the Smithsonian
riding the Metro
visiting the pandas at the National Zoo
buying t-shirts from the sidewalk vendors
6. An oblivious Paris fails to realize that _______, until Rory explains it to her.
Senator Boxer was pawning her off on Congressman Ose
she offended another student by insinuating she was a "band geek"
is too high-strung to be a successful student body president
her debate partner has asked her out on a date
7. Paris can't believe she has been asked out on a date by the handsome Jamie. She says she can overlook the fact that he:
is already going bald at the age of 17
is a Princeton man
dresses like her grandfather
carries a "man purse"
8. Kirk is trying to sell Lorelai his latest invention, a skin care line made from _______.
By way of explanation.....
"Hay There", because cows don't wrinkle - it must be because they eat hay!
9. Rory ends a call with Dean so she can:
help an anxious Paris settle down before her date
take a call from Jess
prepare for her debate the next day
get some sleep before she flies home the next morning
10. What does Paris ask Rory to do when Princeton man Jamie arrives at their room to take Paris out on their date?
jump out the window
crawl under the bed
hide in the closet
stand motionless in the shower
11. While antique shopping, Lorelai gives Mrs. Kim $20 to make sure:
Sookie leaves the store empty-handed
Mrs. Kim is actually helpful in assisting Sookie
Sookie doesn't buy the stuffed and mounted fish she was eyeing
Mrs. Kim doesn't yell at Sookie once
12. What does Lorelai say is proof of how much she loves Rory?
she brought Dean to the airport with her, so he could also see Rory when she got off the plane
she stocked the pantry and fridge with Rory's favorite junk foods
she will bring Rory to Luke's for a burger, even though she and Luke still aren't speaking
she lied to Richard and Emily to get Rory out of Friday night dinner
13. Kirk finds Lorelai while she and Rory are walking through the festival in town, and asks her a favor. What does he need?
he needs her to get rid of the "Hay There" skin care line, as it has horrible side effects
he needs a job and is hoping that Lorelai needs work done around the house
he needs a place to stay while his mother's house is being exterminated and his he can stay at the inn
he needs money for a cotton candy, as he forgot his wallet at home
14. What do Lorelai and Rory fight about in the middle of town, right before Dean finds them?
the fact that Jess has returned to Stars Hollow but nobody is happy he's back
Rory's feelings for Jess and the fact she is treating Dean like dirt
Rory changing into nice clothes before heading out to the festival, as opposed to before her date with Dean
Lorelai's refusal to be civil towards Jess
15. Lorelai tries telling Richard and Emily that she and Christopher are no longer together, but is interrupted when Emily gives her a gift from Martha's Vineyard. What does Emily give a puzzled Lorelai?
decaffeinated coffee beans
a set of lawn tools
hand lotion
scone mix
16. Lorelai leaves the Friday night dinner when Richard and Emily start fighting about Lorelai's news about why she and Christopher are no longer together. Where does Lorelai end up after leaving dinner?
Luke's Diner
Miss Patty's studio
Sookie and Jackson's house
Doose's Market
17. Luke and Lorelai are still not on friendly terms after their fight months ago, but Lorelai asks to stay for a cup of coffee, asking him to act as though she is a new customer. She tells him all about Christopher and her hope for the "whole package" someday; how does he respond?
he tells her he doesn't care about her life and asks her to leave
he gives her a donut and invites the "new customer" to visit the diner again soon
he gives her a hug and tells her she's better off without Chris
he invites her to stay for a hamburger and fries
18. Lorelai and Rory discuss their earlier fight once Lorelai arrives home from Luke's. Rory has thought a lot about what Lorelai had to say earlier, and:
she asks for Lorelai's advice in how to gently break up with Dean
she has decided she wants to stay with Dean
she admits that she has stronger feelings for Jess than she does for Dean
she thinks this is a non-issue, as she doesn't expect Jess to stay in Stars Hollow very long

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