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How Well Do You Know: 2015: The Year in Pop Culture, Part 2
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1. Let's begin our review by looking news made by women: She will end the year holding the Vevo record for most views within a 24 hour span, obliterating the record set earlier in the year:
Taylor Swift
Katy Perry
Ariana Grande
By way of explanation.....
Adele's Hello video broke the Vevo Record by achieving over 27.7 million views within a 24-hour span, held previously by Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" which accumulated 20.1 million views in that timeframe
2. Earlier in the year, this woman made news by being subjected to an apparently unwelcome kiss from Travolta at the Oscars:
Amy Schumer
Jennifer Lawrence
Rebel Wilson
Scarlett Johansson
3. If you happened to enjoy the undeniably catchy tune Exes and Ohs by newcomer Elle King, then you were tapping your toes to music created by the daughter of this unlikely man:
Howard Stern
Rob Schneider
Russell Crowe
Tom Hanks
4. She was Confident that her lesbian crush anthem Cool for the Summer would be a hit in the summer, and she was right:
Avril Levigne
Demi Lovato
Meghan Trainor
5. Here is the actress who plays Supergirl in the CBS series that debuted during the fall:

Please name the actress.
A.J. Cook
Jennifer Carpenter
Erica Tazel
Melissa Benoist
6. Not quite so super was the attempt by this celebrity female to take on a "food stamp challenge," failing miserably after only a few days:
Rachel Ray
Gwyneth Paltrow
Kim Kardashian
Angelina Jolie
7. If you were looking at two crossed pencils and looking for trouble from the spirit world, then you are likely partaking in this creepy internet game/urban legend that was all the rage with kids this year:
Elena Elena
Charlie Charlie
Maria Maria
Robert Robert
8. Elsewhere in internet timewasters, when people weren't arguing furiously over the colors of a dress, they were helping Albert and Bernard figure out their friend Cheryl's:
Hair color
Shoe size
By way of explanation.....
You know the answer to this, right? Right?!?!?
9. Pop culture business practices, Part 1: This publication announced a big, big change to its operation, leaving many to wonder why it will still exist:
Sports Illustrated, which announced it will no longer focus on sports
TV Guide, which announced it will no longer cover TV
Playboy, which announced it will no longer publish nudes
People, which announced it will no longer publish celebrity news
10. Pop Culture Business Practices, Part 2: Much less quizzical in nature with was the menu change announced by this fast food joint, leaving the populace shedding tears of veritable joy:
Taco Bell
Dunkin Donuts
11. And now, here's a Muppet News Flash: Which of the following is the premise for ABC's fall 2015 entry The Muppets?
Kermit has been fired from the Muppet Show
Kermit and Piggy have broken up
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem work for a rival puppet-based television show
Fozzy Bear has become an alcoholic
12. More Muppet news? Sure, why not? An unusual turn of events saw PBS's Sesame Street find a new home - and much needed financing - in this network:
13. Possibly dozens of citizens were thrilled when two individuals named Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten finally "won" this competition show:
Hell's Kitchen
America's Next Top Model
Shark Tank
American Ninja Warrior
14. As Back to the Future Day came and passed, we learned franchise villain Biff Tannen was based on this familiar fellow:
Donald Trump
Bill Clinton
Dan Rather
Elton John
15. This band traveled Sonic Highways, were lured to perform in Italy by a field full of musicians and saw their lead singer go and break his leg, which didn't keep him from the stage for long:
Pearl Jam
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Foo Fighters
16. In other music developments, 2015 saw a whopping $7 million awarded this week in a copyright suit over this recognizable song from recent years:
Call Me Maybe
Somebody That I Used to Know
Blurred Lines
17. Adult and children alike bid adieu to this long-running cartoon which ended its "104 days of summer" after the final of its 126 episodes aired June 12.
Spongebob Squarepants
Phineas and Ferb
Gravity Falls
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
18. A summertime car accident took the life of John Nash, the subject of this Oscar-winning biopic:
Apollo 13
My Left Foot
A Beautiful Mind
The Hurricane
19. Like an unstoppable Mack truck of entertainment, Netflix continued its run of well-received original programming with shows based on these two comic book characters:
The Flash and Daredevil
Condorman and Jessica Jones
Daredevil and Jessica Jones
Condorman and The Flash
20. Simpsons fans went D'oh! and then Woohoo! when this cornerstone of the Fox franchise announced and then rescinded his/her decision to leave the show:
Dan Castellaneta
Harry Shearer
Yeardley Smith
Nancy Cartwright

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