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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E06: A Sin to Err
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1. What happens when you decline an invitation to join Leviathan?
They accept your regrets with good humor
They kill you
They make you a better offer
They sulk
2. Angie's father isn't supportive of her pursuing acting. What does he sign her up for?
Law school
The Red Cross
Secretarial school
Traffic school
3. According to Jarvis, what, in addition to women, is Howard Stark's weakness?
Raspberry truffles
Silk ties
4. Dottie is invited to interview for a position in the offices of Dr. Honicky. What does he practice?
5. Who does Agent Sousa visit in prison to confirm that Carter is his person of interest?
Jerome Zandow
Miles Van Ert
Otto Mink
Sheldon McFee
6. What is the "Stark Special"?
An airplane
An automobile
A diamond bracelet
A mixed drink
7. According to Jarvis, whose eyes are "the darkest gates to the abyss"?
Betty Davis
Ginger Rogers
Hedy Lamarr
Vivien Leigh
8. Dottie took advantage of Stark's weakness for women to steal his bad babies. What name did she use while seducing him?
Gene Tierney
Greta Harlow
Ida Impkee
Norma Jeane Mortenson
9. How does Dr. Ivchenko communicate with Dottie?
A hidden microphone
Morse Code
Sign Language
10. What is Dottie's new directive from Dr. Ivchenko?
Kill Chief Dooley
Kill Edwin Jarvis
Kill Howard Stark
Kill Peggy Carter
11. How does Jarvis describe the boy he meets in the hall outside Ida/Dottie's apartment?
An artful dodger
A future mafioso
A playful scamp
A ragamuffin
12. Dooley's wife cheated on him with a flat-footed 4-F jerk from Hoboken. What was this jerk's occupation?
13. Who interrupts Dr. Ivchenko's attempt to hypnotize Chief Dooley?
Agent Ramirez
Agent Sousa
Agent Thompson
Agent Yauch
14. Which procedure involves isolating the subject and removing civilians from harm before attempting an arrest?
Procedure 57
Procedure 084
Procedure 512
Procedure 791
15. Where do Jarvis and Carter agree to rendezvous after fleeing the Automat?
Central Park
City Hall
Dublin House
Times Square
16. Which agent does Dr. Ivchenko succeed in hypnotizing?
Agent Ramirez
Agent Sousa
Agent Thompson
Agent Youch
17. Where does Carter hide as the SSR Agents search her room?
Angie's room
Dottie's room
The dumbwaiter
The ledge outside her window
18. Who calls their grandmother "Gam Gam"?
Agent Thompson
Agent Sousa
19. How does Dottie disable Carter?
A chokehold
Knock-out lipstick
A right cross to the chin
20. The SSR has taken Carter into custody, saving her from Dottie's tender mercies. Which Agent begins the interrogation of Agent Carter?

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