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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E22: I Can't Get Started
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1. What is the issue that Rory, Lorelai and Michel have with Sookie's choice of wedding music?
it's depressing
it's too fast
it doesn't "sound" like Sookie or Jackson
it's being sung by artists that have been married and divorced multiple times
By way of explanation.....
"Cat's in the Cradle? Don't Cry Out Loud? Do you even LIKE Jackson?"
2. Richard and Emily are less than thrilled at being invited to Sookie and Jackson's wedding - why?
they have never met Jackson
they do not like the choice of meals being served at the wedding
they do not feel like spending the weekend in Stars Hollow
it's a "pity invite", given that the wedding is only a week away
3. Lorelai tries apologizing to Luke for what transpired the night of Rory's car accident, but Luke is cold towards her. She mentions an apology note she wrote to him; he says he got the note, and his favorite part of it was:
the fact it was only one page
the stationery it was written on
her handwriting
throwing the note in the trash
4. Why does Paris want Rory to run as Student Body Vice-President, alongside Paris as President?
Paris is not liked by the other students and needs someone likable running with her if she wants to win
Paris thinks they would be an amazing team, able to accomplish a great deal together at Chilton
Rory really wanted to be Vice President
it will please Headmaster Charleston to see the two girls working together
5. What convinces Rory to run for Vice President with Paris?
Paris offers her a nice sum of money to run
she won't have to deal with the cold shoulder from Paris had she chosen not to run
the fact that it will look good on her Harvard application
It will hopefully keep a student that Rory dislikes from being in office
6. Jackson surprises Sookie at their rehearsal dinner with:
news of a job offer that would take him/them out of state
a beautiful bracelet for her to wear on their wedding day
a serenade
the kilt his father expects him to wear on his and Sookie's wedding day
7. What news does Chris share with Lorelai during the rehearsal dinner?
his job is relocating him back to California
he and Sherry are in the process of breaking up
he is planning to propose to Sherry when she gets back from her business trip
he has traded in the Volvo for a new motorcycle
8. Lorelai heads downstairs to the inn's kitchen for a snack after sleeping with Christopher, to find ___________.
Michel, stuffing his face with the salmon puffs
Sookie, in her wedding dress, tinkering with her wedding cake
a mouse, nibbling at the food to be served at the wedding
someone has ransacked the kitchen - the food is all over the floor
9. Luke goes to his apartment to find _______ waiting there to talk to him.
his sister Liz
10. Which Stars Hollow resident is attending Sookie and Jackson's wedding because he's heard that weddings are great places to pick up women?
11. Luke agrees to let Jess stay with him again, but makes sure to mention to him before he leaves the apartment to go for a walk that:
he will be expected to go to school every day
he will need to apologize to the townspeople at the next town meeting
Rory and Dean are still together
he needs to smooth things over with Lorelai
12. Lorelai insinuates to a thrilled Emily that she and Chris are together. Chris discusses the situation with Rory, who wants to know one thing - what?
whether his intentions are "honorable"
when he will be moving in with her and Lorelai
if he has definitely broken up with Sherry
if he has told his parents the news
13. How does Rory respond to Jess's news that he's moved back to Stars Hollow?
she pushes him into the lake
she cries
she warns him to stay away from Dean
she kisses him
14. Why does Chris tell a stunned Lorelai that they can't be together after all?
he realized too late that he doesn't love Lorelai like he does Sherry
Sherry's just called to tell him she's pregnant
his job is transferring him to Canada, effective immediately
he doesn't want to live in Stars Hollow and he knows that Lorelai will never agree to leave
15. What does Rory tell Lorelai right before they are about to walk down the aisle?
Jess is moving back to Stars Hollow
she's probably headed to Washington D.C. with Paris for the summer
she can picture Lorelai's and Chris's wedding
she isn't sure Harvard is the right choice for her any more

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