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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 06: The Fight
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The Office: The Fight

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1. The titular fight in the episode was between:
Pam and Jim
Jim and Dwight
Dwight and Michael
Jan and Michael
2. At the beginning of the desk, Dwight's desk has been moved to:
Michael's office
The warehouse
The break room
The mens' room
3. What position does Dwight hold in the dojo?
Assistant Dragon Master
4. Michael postpones doing timecards, purchase orders and expense reports. Once a year, they all fall on the same Friday. Pam calls this:
Black Friday
The Perfect Storm
The Day of No Smiles
5. On what top-secret mission does Michael send Ryan?
Updating emergency contact information
Finding him some yams
Deciding who Michael should fire
Breaking into Michael's car (he locked the keys inside)
6. What color is Dwight's belt?
7. Dwight came from a long line of fighters. His maternal Grandfather killed 20 men in World War II and then
Singlehandedly founded the Girl Scout
Defeated the Salvation Army
Became world champion in rock-paper-scissors
Spent the rest of the war in an Allied prison campu
8. Where does the fight take place?
The break room
The warehouse
The parking lot
Dwight's dojo
9. Michael apparently secures victory over Dwight in the fight when he:
Sweeps the leg
Throws chalk in Dwight's eyes
Threatens to spit in Dwight's mouth
Pokes Dwight in the eye
10. What causes the awkwardness between Jim and Pam?
When they are roughhousing, Jim pulls Pam's shirt up a little
Katy comes to the fight and kisses Jim
Roy proposes
Jim applies for a job in Maryland

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