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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E21: Lorelai's Graduation Day
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1. Lorelai, still not frequenting Luke's after their fight, brings Rory to a "mystery breakfast" at a new location - where?
Sookie's house
the inn
Emily's house
Weston's Bakery
2. Lorelai tells Sookie an idea she had for the wedding: instead of wrapping and leaving Jordan almonds on the guests' place settings, they should leave ______ instead.
toothbrushes and toothpaste
chewing gum
By way of explanation.....
"for the morning-after hangovers!"
3. What has Lorelai learned about herself during her pursuit of higher education?
she wants to continue going to school for her bachelor's degree
she despises academics
she lacks the concentration and focus needed to study for long periods of time
she wishes she had put in more of an effort
4. Lorelai and Rory have trouble understanding Dean's interest in:
musical theater
skeet shooting
5. Rory goes to talk to Emily and Richard about their attending Lorelai's graduation ceremony. She knows it might be an upsetting idea to them, but she also remembers how upset she was when she didn't tell Lorelai about her ____________ ahead of time, and she doesn't want Lorelai to be sad someday that she didn't invite HER parents to her ceremony.
dance recital in the 3rd grade
kindergarten "Salute to Vegetables" pageant
public speaking contest last year
middle school choral concert
6. While Lorelai and Sookie are busy laughing at pictures of Sookie's high school graduation, someone calls to see whether his/her graduation gift for Lorelai has arrived at the inn. Who is it?
7. Which of the following is NOT part of Chris's graduation gift to Lorelai?
an application to join the armed forces
a $25 savings bond
a gift certificate to a book store
a necklace
8. Lorelai panics when she realizes she forgot to pack something for her graduation ceremony, but luckily Chris has that covered, too. What else is in his gift basket?
a pen
a disposable camera
9. Rory skips class and heads to NYC to look for Jess. Where does she find him?
working at a stand selling t-shirts to tourists
reading a book in Washington Square Park
begging for change on the side of the road
working in a diner
10. Where does Jess take Rory for lunch?
a dive bar
a five-star establishment
a local cafe
a hot dog stand
11. Lorelai arrives hours early to her graduation ceremony, and while picking out which cap and gown she will wear, notices Emily walk by. Emily is there hours early so _______.
she and Richard can get the best seats in the house
her hair and makeup artist can get Lorelai ready with plenty of time to spare
she can take Lorelai out for a celebratory dinner before the ceremony
her cameraman can set up his equipment to videotape the ceremony
12. While at a record store with Jess, Rory finds the perfect graduation present for Lorelai. What is it?
a Go-Go's record, signed by Belinda Carlisle
a Barry Manilow CD
a Bangles t-shirt
the Beastie Boys album Lorelai needed to complete her collection
13. Rory is so grateful for Jess bringing her to the record store, that she says she just might ________ in return.
kiss him
show him her "withering stare"
come back to visit him soon
eat another hot dog from the "gross" stand he likes so much
14. Jess asks Rory why she ditched school and went to NYC to see him. What is her reply?
"I missed you."
"Because you didn't say goodbye."
"Because I had nothing better to do."
"I want you to come back to Stars Hollow."
15. Lorelai walks across the stage to receive her diploma, and sees something in the crowd that surprises her - what?
Rory is sneaking in the back - with Jess right behind her
Richard and Emily are visibly emotional
Luke has shown up to cheer her on
Sookie and Jackson are making out
16. Rory apologizes profusely for missing a visibly sad Lorelai's ceremony. Lorelai listens to Rory's explanation, and instead of yelling at her, does what?
tells Rory she's grounded
tells Rory she's falling for Jess
asks Rory why she's still with Dean

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