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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E20: Help Wanted
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1. Lorelai still refuses to tell Rory what her fight with Luke was about, but insists that it was a "thinglet" that will blow over soon. They soon figure out that might not be the case, as:
Luke refuses to speak to Lorelai or even look in her general direction
Luke's is closed, with a "Gone Fishing" sign on the front door
they hear through Miss Patty that Luke is selling the diner and moving out of Stars Hollow
Luke starts yelling at Lorelai as soon as she walks by the diner
2. Lorelai and Rory find a new place to have breakfast, called The Hungry Diner, and while there, Lorelai spots a familiar face - who?
3. Why does Rory want to get out of this week's Friday night dinner?
she needs a break from Emily's favorite game - 20 Questions
she doesn't want to have to tell Richard that she ruined the car Dean built, since he was convinced it was unsafe
Dean will be home that night, and she needs to tell him what happened before someone else does
she has to meet up with Paris for a study session
4. Lorelai says that by Rory not going to dinner, it gives her extra time to come up with a "why Rory's wearing a cast" cover story. So far the only story she can come up with is _______.
art project
way to get to the front of the line at Six Flags
ghosts pushed her down the stairs
really big bees
5. Why is Richard seriously considering not going through with his plans to open his own business?
his long-time secretary turned down his job offer, as he couldn't match her current salary
he's afraid of failing
his old clients have no interest in coming over to his new business
the commute to the office is longer than he would like it to be
6. What makes Richard realize that he is getting old while out shopping with Lorelai?
he doesn't recognize half of the "whatsits and doodads" in the office supply store
he hates the music playing in the store
putting items into the shopping cart hurts his back
he thinks half of the items they purchased are "frivolous", even though they aren't
7. What does Richard buy at the office supply store as a gift for Emily?
a stapler
Post-It Notes
a box of highlighters
a coffee maker
8. Stars Hollow has taken its first steps towards being cool (according to Lane, anyway) by:
building a skate park
keeping all stores open until midnight rather than 9pm
opening a music shop
opening a vegan restaurant
9. Rory apologizes to Taylor for her car destroying a bench that had a new Doose's Market ad plastered on it. He tells her he blames Jess entirely for the situation, comparing him to:
a horror movie
a tornado
a mass murder
the flu
10. Kirk is trying to get a job at Sophie's Music, the new music store in town, and offers up the fact that he _________ as a reason he's qualified to be employed there.
knows all the words to "Stairway to Heaven"
has limited martial arts training
can whistle in multiple keys
is licensed to carry a gun
11. Lorelai has fun answering the phones at Richard's office by:
answering the phone in German
recording an inappropriate outgoing message as the company's voicemail
disguising her voice and convincing Emily she is the new bimbo secretary
prank calling Rory's cell phone while she's at school
12. Babette sees Rory's cast and takes the opportunity to tell her about how men are "wolves", and about one of her life experiences when she:
joined a cult
hitchhiked across the USA with a total stranger
met Jim Morrison
lived in her car for a year
13. Lane calls Rory, so excited that she's discovered her calling in life - what is it?
being a drummer
swing dancing
cake decorating
14. While Emily is busy blaming Lorelai for Rory's accident, as she didn't keep Rory away from "that boy", Rory has heard enough and _____.
yells at Emily, and later at Lorelai, about how unfair it is that Jess is the only one getting blamed for the accident
tells Lorelai she agrees with Emily, the entire situation is Lorelai's fault
admits that she has feelings for Jess
walks out of the party without saying a word to either of them
15. What does Lane offer Sophie the music store owner in exchange for being allowed to play the drums 2 nights a week after the store closes?
freshly baked pastries every week
Korean lessons
her first born child
her Bible
16. Rory takes the bus home from Hartford after fighting with Lorelai about Jess, and talks to the one other person who believes that the accident wasn't all Jess's fault - who?
17. Gilmore Girls trivia: The woman who plays Sophie Bloom, owner of Sophie's Music, is involved with Gilmore Girls in another way - how?
she is the show's creator
she wrote and sings the theme song
she is the real-life inspiration for the character of Lorelai Gilmore
she has written and directed multiple episodes
By way of explanation.....
Sophie Bloom is played by singer/songwriter Carole King. The theme song is King's song "Where You Lead", sung with her daughter Louise Goffin.

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