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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E19: Teach Me Tonight
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1. Rory and Lorelai discuss the new Doose's bag boy who is temporarily filling in for Dean. Where IS Dean?
visiting his grandmother in Chicago
in the hospital with the flu
checking out colleges with his parents
chaperoning his sister's camping trip with her Brownies troop
2. Lorelai thinks the new bag boy is out to get Dean's job, but Rory says that there's no way Dean will be fired or replaced - why?
his good looks attract female customers, which in turn gives Taylor more business
he signed a contract when he was hired that said he would have a job until he graduated high school
Taylor is afraid of Lorelai and knows she would make a scene if Dean was fired
Taylor's ladder disappeared and Dean's the only employee tall enough to reach the top shelf
3. Taylor allows Lorelai to pick the selection for this year's "Movie in the Square Night" after she complains that he has picked the same movie for the fourth year in a row. What movie does Taylor keep choosing?
"It's a Wonderful Life"
"The Little Rascals"
"The Yearling"
4. Luke is called into a meeting with the principal of Stars Hollow High, who is concerned about Jess's lack of effort and erratic attendance. There's also the issue of:
the graffiti on the side of the school
the disappearance of every baseball on campus
the soon-to-be-dissected frogs being "set free"
the 100 lbs of potato salad missing from the cafeteria's walk in refrigerator
5. Luke arrives at the Gilmore house to talk to Rory about tutoring Jess, and he comes bearing gifts - what?
coffee for Lorelai and Rory
brownies for Lorelai
flowers for Rory
coupons for free oil changes and tune-ups for Rory and Lorelai's cars
By way of explanation.....
he accidentally dropped triple the amount of cocoa powder in the batter and knew only one person who would eat them like that.
6. Kirk has a favor to ask of Lorelai. What is it?
he'd like her to be his date at his family reunion
he'd like her to screen his short film at the beginning of movie night
he'd like her to help out with selling refreshments at movie night
he needs her help decorating the square for movie night
7. Rory asks Lorelai to do something for her while she's tutoring Jess - what?
stay by the phone, in case she needs to be "saved"
drive by the diner an hour after they begin studying, to make sure he is actually studying
lie to Dean about her whereabouts should he call the house
keep Luke occupied so he doesn't come back to the diner while they are studying
8. Jess suggests he and Rory stop studying and go for a drive. Rory reminds him that he has done plenty while she's been there, but studying has not been one of them. Which of the following did Jess NOT do during their study session?
practiced juggling
did card tricks
made coffee
tried to explain how on earth Coldplay could be considered an alternative band
9. Rory knows that Jess is smart enough to ace his classes without a problem and is not in need of a tutor, and asks Jess why he won't try. What's his reasoning?
he doesn't see the point of trying in high school when he's not going to college
he enjoys stressing out his principal, teachers and Luke
he figured that if he didn't try for long enough, Luke would ask Rory to tutor him, which is all he wanted
he is just biding his time until he can take his GED
10. What is Lorelai doing when Rory calls from the hospital?
cleaning out the refrigerator
organizing the menus in the takeout drawer
folding a month's worth of clean laundry
shaving her legs
11. Lorelai leaves the hospital while Rory goes to have more X-rays taken. Where does she go?
to Doose's, to buy junk food for after Rory gets home
to Richard and Emily's, to ask for their assistance with cancelling the car insurance
to Luke's to look for Jess, presumably to yell at him
to Dean's, to let him know that Rory has been in an accident
12. Why does Lorelai blame Luke for the accident?
he should have known that Jess was never going to take the tutoring seriously and would look for something else to do
he "pushed" Jess and Rory together, despite Jess being "a punk"
he forced Jess and Rory to be friends, even though Jess makes Rory uncomfortable
he should have been chaperoning them at the diner to make sure Jess stayed on track
13. After her fight with Luke, Lorelai breaks down after seeing a tow truck towing Rory's totaled car. What does she do?
she calls Chris
she looks for Luke so she can apologize for overreacting
she calls Dean
she visits Emily and Richard
14. Luke looks for Jess and finds him - where?
the bus station
Rory and Lorelai's house
the bookstore
the dock/lake
15. Lorelai falls asleep in a chair in Rory's room, and wakes up to find:
Jess sleeping on the porch
Lane curled up in bed next to Rory
Christopher sleeping in a chair next to her
Luke waiting for her outside to continue their argument
16. Lorelai tells Chris that hearing Rory say the word "hospital" nearly gave her a heart attack; it was so stressful that _______.
she's planning on joining a gym tomorrow
she's planning on eating lots of produce and heart-healthy foods from now on
she is going to make an appointment with a cardiologist
she may have in fact had a stroke
17. What movie did Lorelai pick for this year's outdoor screening?
"West Side Story"
"The Wizard of Oz"
"The Yearling"
18. Chris joins the girls for the movie, and can't understand how Lorelai just accepts Sookie's explanation for why Jackson isn't joining them at the movie. What IS Jackson doing that has him so busy?
dancing for his tomatoes
whistling at his lettuce
laughing at his kumquats
singing to his persimmons
By way of explanation.....
"They've been a little sour lately."
19. Lorelai and Rory overhear a conversation between Babette and Miss Patty, in which they discover that _________.
Dean already knows about the accident (Taylor told him when he called for his schedule)
Luke put Jess on a bus and sent him home to his mom
Jess is going to work at Doose's so he can save enough money to fix Rory's car
nobody is planning on speaking to Jess unless he publicly apologizes for all he has put the town (and Rory) through

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