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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E18: Back in the Saddle Again
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1. Emily makes the hungry Lorelai and Rory wait to start eating dinner until Richard arrives home. He's recently retired so he's not at work - what is he doing?
solving a crossword puzzle
learning how to play curling
working on an antique car
2. Lorelai and Rory walk into Luke's and Lorelai immediately senses that something is "different". What's different?
the daily special has changed for the first time in years
the mugs and plates are all brand new
Luke has taken down the "no cell phones" sign
the construction is done/there is no more noise
3. Sookie is so excited to see that her wedding invitations have arrived in the mail that she throws meringue up in the air. Yet in the next breath, she's "gonna choke somebody by the neck until brains ooze out of their ears". Why?
Jackson's name is missing from the invitation
the invitation has the wrong wedding date
her name is misspelled as "Susie St. James" on the invitation
the invitation is not the shade of purple that she had ordered
4. It's apparently an off day for everyone at the Independence Inn, as Michel walks into the kitchen in a genuinely happy mood. Why's he so happy?
his mother is coming to visit
he found a new job
today is a "cheat day", so he ate a donut for breakfast
Celine Dion announced plans for a new tour
5. Why is Lane so upset with the results of the aptitude test she had taken?
the results were inconclusive
it said she has an aptitude for sales
the test results indicated she'd be a great homemaker
it said she should consider going to a religious school - something her mother wants but she does not
6. After a guilt trip from Emily, Richard agrees to be the advisor for Rory's school business project. Which of the following is the student product idea that Richard agrees could be a hit?
a "rape whistle"/loud blaring noise that can be attached to a pager
a locker robot
a lipstick tracking device - a "lipstick LoJack"
a "tricked-out" first aid kit for teenagers
7. Lorelai tells Rory that she's guessing Dean is feeling insecure, based on the fact that he _________.
called the house 14 times while Rory was gone for the afternoon
had been driving by the house every few minutes to see if Rory was home
sent Rory numerous pieces of mail telling her how much he loves her
keeps calling Lorelai, asking her if he can talk to her about Rory's and his relationship
8. What is the name that Richard and Paris give to the group's new company?
9. Poor, insecure Dean. Lorelai arrives home from work to find Dean:
sitting on the couch - he had broken into the house
mowing the yard
washing Rory's car
laying on the porch, fast asleep
10. Michel runs into the inn's kitchen, angry and yelling at Lorelai. He's furious because Lorelai "turned his mother into a mother" - full of questions about his life. How did Lorelai do this?
she told Michel's mother that he doesn't eat carbs
she mentioned that Michel wasn't very nice to, well, anyone
she asked his mother if Michel was seeing anyone, as Michel never talked about relationships
she insinuated that Michel was antisocial
11. Rory's group's project doesn't win at the business fair. Who yells at Headmaster Charleston and demands a recount?
12. Lorelai has a suggestion for Emily regarding Richard that she doesn't take kindly to. What does Lorelai suggest?
Richard might benefit from talking to a psychiatrist
Richard needs to "get some"
Richard should take a solo vacation to clear his mind
Richard would be happier if he and Emily got a pet
13. A chipper Richard emerges from his office after being holed up in there for hours, with an announcement to make - what?
he's withholding his Chilton tuition payment until Headmaster Charleston makes Rory's group the contest winners
he's thinking about buying a second home in Myrtle Beach, so he can go golfing year-round
he's decided to go into business for himself
he wants to sell the house and move closer to Stars Hollow, so he can see Rory more often
14. Rory chooses not to call Dean back after she receives a page from him. Lorelai suggests they hang out later, but realizes that Rory may want to spend time with another guy instead, as Rory says she and Lane will be listening to CDs and will possibly be _______ instead.
hanging out at Luke's
going to the bookstore
sitting on the dock at the lake
walking around Stars Hollow
15. Lorelai arrives home to find Dean sitting on the porch. He asks her one question before leaving. What does he want to know?
whether Rory is wearing the once lost/recently found bracelet
whether Rory likes Jess, as he suspects she does
whether Rory still loves him
whether he can move in with Rory and Lorelai temporarily, as there are troubles at home

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