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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E05: The Iron Ceiling
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1. The young girls at the brutal indoctrination academy in Russia learn English by watching animated films. Which classic Disney film do we see the girls watching as the episode opens?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2. Dottie wants to visit the tourist trap areas of New York. Which of the following is not one of the places she tells Peggy she'd like to see?
Central Park
Statue of Liberty
Trinity Church
Yankee Stadium
3. Apparently, the code breaker brought in to figure out the message from the wireless typewriter isn't very good at his job. Peggy realizes he's been trying to decode it using the wrong language. What language was the code written in?
4. Where does the coded message lead the SSR?
5. Carter wins her place on the team headed to Belarus by securing help from which group?
The 5th Fleet
The 42nd Infantry
The 107th Regiment
6. The SSR team is going to be parachuted into the drop zone. Including the one he's about to take, how many jumps does Thomson have under his belt?
7. It seems no one but Peggy can remember the password. What is it?
8. The 107th is better known as what?
The Fantastic Four
The Furious Foursome
The Howling Commandos
The Sinister Six
9. Dugan made a special request of Carter. What did she bring him?
Captain America trading cards
French cheese
10. Sousa discovers Carter was at Spider Raymond's nightclub when he sees what?
The blonde wig she wore
The dress she wore
The scars on her shoulder
The ring she wore
11. While trading stories around the fire, which one does Thompson share?
How he once saw a Yeti
How he earned the Navy Cross
The one about the mermaids
That one night in Bangkok
12. While surveying the carnage at Finow, Howard Stark took a swing at which person?
Maj. General Harp
General McGuiness
Major Newport
General Smithwick
13. Carter proposes two teams of four for safety. Who of the following does not join Thompson on his team?
Agent Li
Pinky Pinkerton
Agent Ramirez
Happy Sam Sawyer
14. Carter's team encounters a young girl. She reacts to Dugan by stabbing him and grabbing his gun. Who does she shoot and kill?
Junior Juniper
Pinky Pinkerton
Agent Ramirez
Happy Sam Sawyer
15. Who searches Carter's room while she is away?
16. Having freed Nikola and Dr. Ivchenko, the team gets pinned down while waiting for Dugan's exit plan. Who freezes up and can't function during the battle?
Pinky Pinkerton
Agent Ramirez
Happy Sam Sawyer
Agent Thompson
17. Agent Li and Nikola both die during the firefight. Who shoots Nikola when he grabs Happy Sam as a hostage?
Happy Sam
Dr. Ivchenko
A Leviathan soldier
18. Thompson shares a secret with Carter about how he earned his Navy Cross. What were the Japanese soldiers doing when he killed them?
Trying to kill his commander
Trying to surrender
Trying to steal equipment
Trying to steal food
19. How does Dottie prepare for bed?
She does sit ups
She puts on a blindfold
She handcuffs herself to the headboard
She practices her accents
20. Who invites Carter to join the guys for drinks?

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