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How Well Do You Know: The Fault in Our Stars
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1. If you don't know that this is Hazel's middle name, then you probably didn't actually see the film, as Augustus uses it constantly:
2. Hazel's cancer originated in her:
3. In his first appearance at support group, August introduces himself as part:
4. Isaac and his girlfriend Monica say this to each other, over and over and over:
5. Hazel uses the word "hamartia" as she goes off on Augustus for:
Always interrupting people
Owning a gun
The way he drives
Putting a cigarette in his mouth
6. Augusto World, aka Augustus's room in the basement, has many, many:
Photos of world landmarks
Taxidermy animals
Fish tanks
7. The title of Hazel's favorite book is:
Race to Eternity
An Imperial Affliction
The Slumbering Giant
Wind in the Daffodils
8. And the book was written by this author, who is central to the plot:
Walter St. John
Gregory Millicent
Edward de Berg
Peter van Houten
9. Meanwhile, Augustus gives Hazel a novelization of this videogame:
Center of Stars
Bridge to Vengeance
10. Isaac's girlfriend breaks up with him, right as he faces the loss of a/n:
11. What is unusual about the ending of the book Augustus reads for Hazel?
Its last line is an undecipherable code
It repeats the first chapter of the book
It ends mid-sentence
Its last lines are delivered by an unknown letter
12. How does Augustus secure email correspondence from Peter van Houten?
Isaac gives him the address
He emails his assistant
He contacts his publisher
He hacks into a literary database
13. One of the questions Hazel poses to the author concerns this type of household pet:
A hamster
A cat
A goldfish
A guinea pig
14. Hazel cannot ask the Genies for a wish, as she has already used it to go to:
Niagara Falls
Flying school
Space camp
Disney World
15. Augustus explains where he belongs in the Circle of Virgins while he and Hazel:
Are at a carnival
Are in his basement
Are on a picnic
Are driving
16. What is Augustus wearing when he tells Hazel he is taking her to Amsterdam?
A painter's smock
An NBA jersey
Overalls and gardening gloves
An apron
17. Hazel recalls bitterly how her mother said these words to her when she was struggling to survive earlier in her life:
Give up
Let go
Give in
Say goodbye
18. In explaining to Augustus why she wants to break up with him, Hazel describes herself as a:
Flame thrower
Atomic bomb
19. On their first night in Amsterdam, Hazel and Augustus:
Walk along a river
Go to a winery
Go out to eat at a romantic restaurant
Tour historical sites
20. In preparation to meet Peter van Houten, Hazel wears a T-shirt that has this on it:
21. van Houten's assistant is:
A middle-aged, Asian man
A older woman
A younger, red-haired woman
A young, very freckly man
22. Peter van Houten turns out to be a total prick, and he goes on and on about a theorem concerning this animal to prove that some infinities are larger than others:
23. van Houten's assistant accompany Hazel and Augustus to the house of a famous:
Sports figure
24. Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer has returned in a bad way:
On the plane trip home from Amsterdam
While the two are still in Amsterdam
In a text message
After the two have just returned from Amsterdam
25. Hazel learns that Augustus wants her to write his eulogy from:
Her mother
His mother
Augustus himself
26. Hazel, Augustus and Isaac get revenge on Monica by:
Egging her car
TP'ing her house
Calling the police on her
Arranging her to fail a test
27. Augustus calls Hazel, distressed and very sick, from:
A hospital
A gas station
The church that houses the support group
Outside her house
28. When Hazel and Augustus return to their picnic spot, they talk about remembering and oblivion and they:
Smoke cigarettes
Drink champagne
Look up at the clouds
Pick at the grass
29. Isaac and Hazel both write eulogies for Augustus. Before he dies,
Augustus isn't able to hear either one
Augustus is able to hear Hazel's, but not Isaac's
Augustus is able to hear Isaac's, but not Hazel's
Augustus is able to hear both
30. This is the last word of the film, and Hazel's response to Augustus's last message to her:

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