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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E17: Dead Uncles and Vegetables
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1. Emily suggests some wedding ideas to Sookie while at the inn _________.
offering redecorating suggestions
taste-testing soups for a D.A.R. meeting
to pick up Lorelai for a mother-daughter hair appointment
discussing Rory's birthday party plans with Lorelai
2. Luke calls Lorelai at the inn for a favor. What does he need?
room reservations at the inn
a place for Jess to stay for a few days while the apartment is being renovated
storage space in her garage for some of Jess's stuff
use of her Jeep for a day
3. After Luke tells her why he needs the rooms at the inn, Lorelai feels horrible that she blabbered on and on about _______ when he is dealing with a death in the family.
"Revenge of the Nerds"
her broken cell phone
4. Lorelai and Rory help Luke serve customers and make coffee because he's too preoccupied with other matters. What's he doing?
trying to get in touch with his sister to see if she's coming to the funeral
talking to a mortuary on the diner's phone
looking for Jess
shopping for a new suit
5. Not everyone is all that thrilled with Lorelai and Rory helping Luke out. Kirk's attempt to pilfer supplies is foiled when Lorelai:
adds the high number of sweetener packets to his coffee herself
checks his pockets before he leaves the diner
counts the coffee stirrers in the box before and after his visit to the counter
sits with him during his meal to keep an eye on his every move
6. The proprietor of the new farmers market in the middle of town is impressed that Taylor remembers him from a previous encounter. Who is he?
the previous owner of Doose's Market
the brother of a girl Taylor dated in high school
one of Gypsy the mechanic's former employees
the other troubadour who had wanted to be the "official" town troubadour
7. What is Lorelai's favorite part of helping Luke out at the diner?
rearranging the tables
closing early
making up "diner talk"
refusing service to obnoxious patrons
By way of explanation.....
she had asked to rearrange the tables and Luke told her she couldn't do it.
8. Luke is not happy because none of his relatives are coming to Stars Hollow for Uncle Louie's funeral. Which of the following is NOT one of the excuses he's given by his family?
family members don't want to miss their kid's rugby semifinal game
his cousin's beloved pet parrot is sick
his cousins are too exhausted from a fishing trip
his aunt is busy shopping around for a new car
9. According to Luke, what are the only two words that Petey the parrot knows?
"shut" and "up"
"hello" and "sexy"
"Petey" and "gorgeous"
"help" and "me"
10. Jackson stops by the diner to talk to Lorelai, and he's pretty upset. Why?
Sookie is going overboard (and over budget) with the wedding planning, thanks to Emily
Sookie has mentioned that she may want to postpone the wedding until they can save more money
Sookie has decided, after a conversation with Lorelai, that she wants to elope
he has heard a rumor that Lorelai no longer wants to use his produce at the inn, since the farmer's market has more selection at a better price
11. What are Emily and Sookie doing in the middle of town while Jackson is venting to Lorelai?
buying bouquets of flowers from competing florists, comparing the quality
holding auditions for the acrobats
trying to figure out how to move the gazebo to make room for the 16-piece orchestra
listening to music in the gazebo so they can hear the acoustics
12. The Revolutionary War re-enactors refuse to participate in Louie's funeral, saying they all hated him because he was a nasty, horrible man. Which of the following is not an example of something Louie did to one of the re-enactors?
He slashed the tires of Andrew's car
He kicked Kirk's childhood dog
He threw rocks and small tools at the re-enactors
He repeatedly hit on Sy's wife
13. Luke's really upset, and he calls Lorelai for support. What's the matter?
he has discovered that Uncle Louie has left all of his possessions to his "irresponsible" sister
the cemetery has moved Louie's burial plot so he's not going to be buried next to his brother (Luke's dad)
the funeral home in Hartford "misplaced" Louie's body
Uncle Louie's casket won't close, due to the "extras" Louie wants buried with him
14. How does Luke solve the problem of the casket not shutting?
he keeps the door closed with a bungee cord
he gets a casket from a big-and-tall casket shop
2 words: duct tape
he decides to cremate the body instead
15. Emily shows up at Luke's to chastise Lorelai for convincing Sookie to tone down the wedding plans. Lorelai claims that the wedding Emily was REALLY planning was Lorelai's, but Emily disagrees, as she had a plan for Lorelai's hypothetical wedding. What was it?
"A Night at the Opera"
"Afternoon Delight"
"The Romanovs"
16. Luke asks Lorelai at the funeral if he's just like Uncle Louie - a cranky loner with no friends. Which of the following is NOT an example Lorelai uses of why Luke is nothing like his uncle?
he built her a chuppah
he gave the re-enactors coffee and tea during the Battle of Stars Hollow re-enactment so they could stay warm
he took in his sister's kid, no questions asked, asking for nothing in return
he made a coffee cake and blew up balloons for Rory's 16th birthday
17. Luke and Lorelai walk back to Luke's after the burial to find ______.
Luke's sister waiting for him outside the diner
a wake of sorts happening inside the diner
Jess painting the outside of the diner
a marching band, waiting to play a song in honor of Louie
18. Jess is put-off by Rory's claim that by _________, he is now part of the town.
becoming a regular at Doose's Market
helping an elderly woman cross the street
letting Miss Patty into the diner to set up the "wake"/gathering
living in Stars Hollow for more than 2 months

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