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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E16: There's the Rub
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1. Lorelai compares a weekend at a spa to - what?
being a dog
having sex
seeing a double rainbow
By way of explanation.....
It's nothing but eating, sleeping, lying on your back and getting rubbed...
2. Lorelai talks to Rory about her plans for the weekend, and is disappointed to discover ________.
Dean will be staying over too
Rory's not planning on throwing a party or doing anything "bad" while Lorelai's away
Richard wants Rory to spend the weekend with him, so neither one of them are alone
they include going to a movie with Jess
3. Why does Emily hate honking a car horn?
it's not that much harder to walk out of the car and walk the 100 feet to the door
she thinks it is a "mechanical bodily function"
the sound of a horn reminds her of a car with all those clowns crammed inside
it is a sign of disrespect
4. Paris is very upset after receiving a grade on an exam that she thinks is sub-par. What did she get on her electrochemistry test?
5. It's going to be a long weekend alone with Emily, and it's off to a rough start when Lorelai discovers:
they are stuck in the same room, sleeping in the same bed
Emily extended the length of their stay
coffee is not served at the spa
everyone staying at the spa must participate in a juice cleanse
6. Dean is confused and sad (but he swears he's not mad!) to find that Rory would rather spend her night alone _________ than seeing him.
seeing a movie at the Black, White and Read
taking a nap
eating ice cream
doing laundry
7. Lorelai is finding the spa experience to be less than relaxing - why?
Emily has scheduled their treatments and massages together, in the same room, giving Lorelai no time to herself
it involves mandatory yoga, which Lorelai finds to be a stressful experience
loud music is blaring into her bedroom from a heating grate
a masseur keeps following her around, pestering her to spend the evening with him
8. Emily compliments Lorelai on her lipstick choice. What is the name of the lipstick color?
"Pretty Woman Pink"
"Vicious Trollop"
"Nasty Girl"
"Quick and Dirty"
By way of explanation.....
"because "Dirty Whore" was taken?"
9. Emily and Lorelai decide to leave the spa for the night and head to a restaurant for dinner after:
getting to the spa's dining room just as the kitchen was closing
their waiter at the spa hits on Emily and won't take no for an answer
discovering that everything on the spa's menu includes tofu or the word "steamed"
hearing rumors that the people staying on their floor got food poisoning from the spa's dining area
10. Rory hears the doorbell and expects the Indian food delivery man to be outside. Instead, she finds Jess, who has something for her - what?
a "care package" of food from Luke's
a copy of Harold and Maude on DVD
a new book
a six pack of wine coolers
11. Rory seems uncomfortable when Jess pretty much invites himself to stay for dinner. Rory rectifies the situation by:
calling Dean, telling him that Jess refuses to leave
inviting Paris to stay for dinner as well
calling Luke, asking him if he needs Jess back at the diner
sending Lorelai a page, asking her to come back to the house
12. Emily isn't thrilled about the idea of eating dinner at the bar - why?
it looks low-class
only women desperate for a man eat at bars
the place settings seem dirtier at the bar than they do at the dining room
it doesn't seem right to eat dinner when your feet aren't touching the floor
13. Paris and Jess seem to hit it off, having plenty to talk about during dinner. What are they discussing?
Lorelai and Rory's relationship
14. Dean stops by unexpectedly to visit Rory, and is REALLY angry when he finds Rory pushing Jess out the door. What eventually calms him down?
Rory says that she will cut Jess out of her life entirely if his presence makes Dean that angry
Paris covers for Rory, telling Dean that she is attracted to Jess and asked Rory to set them up
Rory tells Dean that Jess has been suspended from school and is being sent back to live with his mom
Lorelai calls the house and tells Dean he has nothing to worry about, Rory only has eyes for him
15. Rory responds to Paris's nice gesture by:
inviting her to stay the night at the house
hugging her
taking her to Luke's for an ice cream sundae
16. The man who had been staring at Emily throughout dinner decides to go to the bar and introduce himself. After introductions, Lorelai threatens him with physical harm if he __________.
looks at Emily inappropriately
tries to buy her and Emily drinks
says he loves the food at the spa
tells Emily that she can't possibly be old enough to be Lorelai's mother
17. An angry Emily accuses Lorelai of pushing her into uncomfortable situations all night, after:
Lorelai forces Emily to try sushi
Emily slow dances with the stranger, which makes her feel like she's cheating on Richard
Emily is called on stage to sing karaoke
Lorelai tries to get Emily to break into the spa's mud room after hours
18. Emily can't figure out why she and Lorelai don't have the same relationship that Rory and Lorelai have. Lorelai says that spending an intense weekend together wasn't the best idea, but they could start with something simpler and on a smaller scale. What does Lorelai suggest they do as a way to bond?
steal their spa bathrobes
get drunk via shots of bourbon
crank call Rory
watch "The Way We Were"
19. The next morning, Jess squirms when Rory asks for the bill after breakfast with Lorelai at the diner and thanks Luke for the care package. Why's he so uncomfortable?
Luke knew nothing about a care package
Luke was unhappy with how much food Jess brought over - it was a waste of food
Jess doesn't like that Luke's gesture has been talked about in public, where others can hear he did something nice
Jess didn't want Luke getting credit for the care package

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