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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E15: Lost and Found
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1. Lorelai is making a big deal out of her hand injury. How did she cut her hand?
changing the oil in her Jeep
cleaning out the rain gutters
sharpening her kitchen knives
reading a magazine
2. Lorelai wonders if the cut on her hand will result in becoming a superhero. What will her superhero power be?
finding the best shoe sales
applying makeup flawlessly
cooking edible food
being able to shower really fast
3. Lorelai sneaks into Luke's apartment to look for him, only to find him looking for something important. She finds and holds Luke's supply ledger hostage in exchange for:
going downstairs to make his fluffy pancakes
his lawn mowing services
cold hard cash
free lunch
4. Lorelai decides it's FINALLY time to get a tattoo - of:
Donald Duck
a cup of coffee
her bed
Mel Brooks
5. Lorelai walks by the diner late at night and finds Luke seeking privacy from Jess by _________ in the empty diner.
playing solitaire
watching a baseball game on a tiny black and white TV
napping on a sleeping bag
cooking himself dinner
6. Lorelai balks when Luke offers Jess's help in cleaning out her rain gutters. Rory reminds Lorelai that she wasn't fond of Luke for the first few years she knew him, _________ just to make him mad.
talking to him in pig Latin
ordering "venti" lattes like she was at Starbucks
calling him "Duke"
using only sign language to place orders
7. Lorelai's excited to use her new clock radio. What does it do that makes it so special?
it has an alarm that makes barnyard animal sounds
it whistles
it "jumps" up and down until the snooze button is pressed
it "talks" rather than beeps, so in the morning it says "wake up!"
8. What does Rory request from Jess when he comes over to the house to clean the gutters?
his car keys
effort in getting along with Lorelai
nothing negative to say about Dean and their relationship
another one of her books that Jess borrowed without asking first
9. Dean notices that Rory's bracelet isn't on, and Rory lies to him. Why does she say it's not on?
she took it off to polish the silver charm and didn't have time to put it back on before she left the house
she took it off because she had a rash on her wrist
it's being resized
Lorelai wanted to try it on and then wouldn't give it back because she loved it
10. How does Lorelai decide to be friendly to Jess as he's cleaning her rain gutters?
she invites him inside to eat leftover Chinese food
she asks his opinion on some books she's thinking of reading
she brings out a CD player and some music so he can listen while he works
she offers to help him
11. Michel is annoyed that Lorelai is checking the floor of the inn's front desk for Rory's bracelet, after he already checked for her. While he's annoyed that Lorelai didn't seem to believe him when he said the bracelet wasn't there, he's more annoyed by something else - what?
he had to crawl on the floor in his brand new Donna Karan suit
the bracelet they are looking for is "hideous"
Lorelai refuses to give him a longer lunch break in exchange for looking for the bracelet during his personal time
Rory wasn't the one to ask for his help
12. Luke calls Lorelai and rants about looking for a new apartment. Which of the following is NOT one of his complaints?
pet deposits for having a dog in apartments
monthly parking fees
overly friendly and perky realtors
the use of "1/2" in addresses
13. Lorelai takes great delight in embarrassing Luke by acting as though she is his wife, with the flirting and "pet names" at an all time high in front of the realtor. What pet name does Lorelai give to Luke?
Honey Bear
14. What word does Luke hate when it comes to apartment hunting?
15. Lorelai jokes that a "Luke Danes' Night of Romance" will include - what?
fishing at the lake
car repair
juice bar followed by the batting cages
camping in a tent
16. What does Lorelai say is a sign to Luke's potential girlfriends that he's not open to a commitment?
his father's pictures and memorabilia hanging on the walls
his lack of closet space
his clothing style
his single bed
17. Why does Luke sour on the idea of moving into the apartment he just applied for earlier in the day?
he discovers Taylor owns the building
he realizes that he never wants to move out of a place that reminds him of his father
Jess picks up his stuff and reorganizes while Luke is apartment hunting, and Luke realizes there is in fact room there for the both of them
he figures out this is going to cost him a lot of money
18. Lorelai accuses Jess of stealing Rory's bracelet, her most prized possession. Jess doubts it's importance to Rory, though - why?
it's not a very attractive piece of jewelry
if it was so important to her, she would have secured it better so it didn't fall off
if it was her most prized possession, it wouldn't have taken her 2 weeks to figure out it was missing
she didn't seem all that upset one she realized it was missing
19. Luke storms into Lorelai's house after impulsively buying the building next to the diner. He says he was in such a blind rage that he:
actually apologized to Taylor for overreacting
bought a Belgian waffle with ice cream, dipped in chocolate
signed up as a volunteer for the upcoming Firelight Festival
repainted the outside of the diner
By way of explanation.....
He didn't eat it, though. "I'm upset, not suicidal!"
20. Lorelai asks Luke if Jess ever talks about Rory and doesn't seem to like his answer. Why is she a little dismayed by his answer?
Luke says that Jess tells about her non-stop
Luke thinks that Jess is a "great kid", and Rory would be lucky to date him
Luke thinks Jess and Rory together would be a great idea - Rory would be a good influence
Luke indicates that Jess hates Rory, and takes pleasure in playing head games with her

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