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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E14: It Should've Been Lorelai
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1. Lorelai and Rory walk into Luke's to find they are the only diners there. Luke quickly shoots down their idea to:
play "bagel hockey" by sitting at opposite ends of the counter
rearrange the tables into a circle
stand outside and sing songs about food to get more customers into the diner
have him close down for the day so he can come to their house and do house repairs
2. Rory receives a phone call at Luke's. Who knows she's there?
By way of explanation.....
A grounded Lane watched her walk into Luke's through binoculars
3. Why does Paris show up at the Gilmore house unannounced?
her parents are still fighting and she needs a quiet place to study
she thinks Rory talks too slowly, and wants to get her words per minute up before the debate
she needs to talk to someone about a guy she met, and knows Rory won't make fun of her like Madeline or Louise would
she thinks she and Rory need to tape more mock debates and hopes Lorelai can work the video camera
4. What is the subject of Rory's and Paris's debate?
gun control
year-round school schedule
legalization of marijuana
assisted suicide
5. How does Lorelai sneak a peek at Christopher's girlfriend in the middle of the debate, without seeming too obvious?
she "accidentally" drops a tissue on the ground and picks it back up
she fakes a coughing fit and looks at her while walking out of the auditorium
she looks back to get Chris's attention for a reason she immediately forgets
she puts her sunglasses on and sneaks glances out the side of the glasses
6. Lorelai, Sookie, Christopher and Sherry make introductions and small talk until Rory joins them. Why is Sookie bothered when Christopher compliments her?
she disagrees with his assessment that she looks like a supermodel
he mispronounces her name, calling her "Sockie"
she wants to know who said she was the best chef AFTER Alain Ducasse
she didn't feel he complimented her enough
7. How does Christopher figure out that Lorelai and Rory needed time to clean the house before he and Sherry arrived?
they sent Chris and Sherry on the scenic route home from Chilton
they asked Chris and Sherry to stop and pick up toilet paper at Doose's on the way to the house
Lorelai cut them off in the parking lot and sped off doing 60mph
Lorelai ran every red light and stop sign on her way home
8. What does Sherry say she looked like in her private school uniform?
a checkerboard
a zebra
a prison inmate
a peppermint stick
9. Sherry puts Lorelai on the spot and pretty much insists that Rory spend the night shopping with her, rather than at Friday night dinner. How does Lorelai run this idea by Rory before Sherry can talk to her about it?
she uses sign language when Sherry isn't looking
she writes a sign on the back of a magazine and holds it up in back of Sherry
she calls the home phone from her cell phone and talks to Rory from the kitchen
she runs into the bathroom and sends Rory a page
10. Lorelai questions Christopher about:
whether he is planning on marrying and starting a family with Sherry
why Sherry is in such a rush to bond with Rory, when she will most likely be in the picture for a long time
why he indicated that he'd be visiting Stars Hollow alone, when he knew Sherry would be with him
whether he has told Rory that he intends to propose to Sherry
11. Christopher brings up an issue of his own - what?
He doesn't understand Lorelai thinking it's strange that she is being shut out of Sherry's life, when she essentially did the same thing to Christopher with Max
Sherry had indicated that Lorelai was not very nice to her when they talked in the kitchen
He is not sure that Rory is okay with the idea of having Sherry as her stepmother
He's afraid that having Sherry in his life means he's unintentionally pushing away Rory and Lorelai
12. An unobservant Richard doesn't immediately notice that Rory is not at dinner. He jokes that she's so quiet, _________.
she has a future as a mime
she should work for the CIA
she may as well be invisible
so she must have been switched at birth with Lorelai's "real" daughter
13. Oh, Richard. What phrase uttered by Lorelai does he think might be a drug reference?
"going Dutch"
"cutting the cheese"
"cranking Metallica"
"smokin' hot"
14. Emily's claws come out once she discovers that Rory is not at dinner because she is out with Sherry. Which of the following is not something that Emily has some sort of issue with?
Chris now drives a Volvo instead of a motorcycle.
Chris and Sherry are looking to move out of their apartment and buy a historical home in Boston.
Chris's and Sherry's jobs require a lot of travel
Chris and Sherry may look into buying a newly built home, depending on what they can afford.
By way of explanation.....
Volvos are "family cars", and Emily doesn't like that idea; historical homes are full of mold; newly built homes have "shoddy craftsmanship".
15. Why does Emily blame Lorelai for Christopher being in a happy relationship with Sherry?
Lorelai introduced the two of them
Lorelai encouraged Chris to stay with Sherry when he wasn't sure he wanted a live-in girlfriend
she claims Lorelai wasted too much time waiting for Chris to get his act together; she made no effort to help him
she believes Lorelai "forced" Chris to find someone by saying yes to Max's proposal
16. Luke realizes that Lorelai is bummed out about something and tries cheering her up by:
offering to play bagel hockey with her
offering her a free muffin and cup of coffee
doing a silly dance in back of the counter
telling her she can make fun of him for the rest of the day and he won't say a word about it
17. Lorelai asks Rory for details about her night with Sherry. Which of the following did Rory not learn after spending time with Sherry?
she wants children, and was considering being a single mom before she met Christopher
she got her master's degree from Harvard
she's a cautious driver
she loves Bruce Springsteen
18. When questioned by Lorelai, Rory admits that she has thought about Lorelai and Chris living together, doing the "happy little family" routine. But she confesses that she's also thought about Lorelai marrying - who?
Richard Gere
Matthew Broderick
Emeril Lagasse
Mick Jagger
19. Who helps Rory with her plan to get a CD to Lane, who is still being punished and kept inside the house by Mrs. Kim?
Luke and Jess
Dean and his little sister
Babette and Miss Patty
Kirk and Michel
20. Someone gets very angry with Lorelai after she confesses her feelings to this person. Who storms out of Luke's after a confrontation with Lorelai?

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