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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E04: The Blitzkrieg Button
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1. Mr. Mink's henchmen demand more money from Jarvis. It's not extortion, it's what?
A second round of negotiations
A shakedown
A surcharge to cover complications
A hoedown
2. For $50,000, Mr. Mink smuggled what into the U.S.?
The Blitzkrieg Button
Mrs. Mink
Howard Stark
A frozen Captain America
3. According to Stark, how many one-armed push-ups can Carter do?
4. All of Stark's residences seem to be compromised. Where does he end up staying?
With Jarvis
With one of his paramours
In a basement near the docks
With Carter at The Griffith
5. How does Stark gain access to Carter's room at the Griffith Hotel?
Takes the dumbwaiter to her floor
Climbs up the downspout to her window.
Rappels down from the roof.
Sneaks in through the basement windows
6. Where does Chief Dooley travel to interview a witness to the battle at Finow?
The Hague
7. What device does Stark give to Carter to document the inventions the SSR has recovered?
A movie camera hat
A pencil and a pad of paper
A camera pen
A radiographic pictogram recorder
8. According to Thompson, what is the most important part of Agent Ray Walter Krzeminski's name?
9. What task, in Chief Dooley's absence, does "Commandant" Thompson assign to Agent Carter?
Sitting there and looking pretty
Filing reports
Taking dictation
Taking lunch orders
10. Frank won't take Sousa's money. He ain't got no business with who?
Johnny Law
11. Carter discovers the women of The Griffith have a variety of ways for smuggling what back to their rooms using pockets, pouches and compartments?
Books by Freud
12. Stark needs Carter to recover one of his bad babies from the SSR. Which one?
The Arc Reactor
The Blitzkrieg Button
The Fluctuating Capacitor
The Ion Massager
13. What does Stark tell Carter the Blitzkrieg Button does?
Creates a force field around a city
Creates controlled lightning strikes
Denatures all the water in a 20 miles radius
Turns off all the power in a city
14. What convinces Frank to share what he knows about the events on The Heartbreak?
A pair of hot dogs from Coney Island
A bottle of Chief Dooley's scotch
A Grape Nehi soda
15. Jarvis should avoid poker because he has a tell. What does he do when he lies to Carter?
He rubs his ear.
He scratches his chin
He blinks rapidly
He crinkles his nose
16. Herr Mueller, in exchange for a breath mint, reveals what about the battle at Finow?
The Germans were never at Finow
The Germans didn't kill the Russians, but found them dead
The Germans watched American troops destroy the Russians
The Russians were killing each other
17. Carter knows that Stark and Jarvis have betrayed her trust and lied to her about the Blitzkrieg Button. When she opens it what does she discover?
It's empty
A key
An Infinity Stone
A vial of Steve Rogers' blood
18. What "natural order of the Universe" does Agent Thompson share with Agent Carter?
Women have no business in the spy game
No man will ever consider her an equal
Men rule, women serve
Women belong in the home, not the workforce
19. Be honest, you did *not* see this coming! Who confronts Mr. Mink at The Griffith and acrobatically kills him because she covets his automatic pistol?
20. Which celebrated comic creator plays the man who borrows the sports section of Stark's paper?
John Romita, Jr.
Jeph Loeb
Joe Quesada
Stan Lee

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