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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E03: Time and Tide
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1. How does Jimmy gain access to his girlfriend's room at the Griffith Hotel?
Takes the dumbwaiter to her floor
Sneaks in through the storm drains
Rappels down from the roof
Climbs up the downspout to her window
2. The SSR team finds Green Suit's room and his stash of cash and false identities. Where in the room were they hidden?
Taped under the desk
Inside a chair cushion
Under the mattress
Buried in a potted plant
3. What is the one trick Houdini wasn't able to pull off when he performed at the Griffith?
His straightjacket escape
Ascending the stairs
His water torture cell escape
Sawing a woman in half
4. Who is evicted from the Griffith because of Jimmy's visit?
5. Leet Brannis served in the Russian military with which unit?
42nd Motor Pool
84th Aeronautical Squadron
478th Rifle Division
531st Cavalry Division
6. What effect does the sultry combination of candlelight and rain have on Jarvis?
Makes him randy
Depresses him
Causes him great ire
Makes him sleep like a baby
7. Which two SSR agents visit Stark's estate to question Jarvis?
Thompson and Sousa
Krzeminski and Thompson
Sousa and Krzeminski
Dooley and Sousa
8. According to Jarvis, where is Stark's death ray?
9. During his interrogation of Jarvis, which secret about Jarvis's past does Thompson reveal?
Jarvis was married to a Russian spy
Jarvis was charged with treason
Jarvis had Russian parents
Jarvis was a spy in Germany
10. What report does Carter "accidentally" take and use to help free Jarvis from his interrogation?
A missing person report
An intelligence report on Stark
A stolen car report
A weekly budget report
11. How much in tips did Angie get for her 8 hour shift?
Twenty-five cents
Fifty cents
Seventy-five cents
One dollar
12. Who is the new resident at the Griffith?
Dorothy Underwood
Eunice Krebbs
Kathy Keene
Phyllis Stevens
13. According to Carter, which mundane activity does Stark feel needs advanced technological assistance?
Brushing one's hair
Dressing one's self
Chewing one's food
Brushing one's teeth
14. Which two agents are covering the night shift at the SSR?
Thompson and Sousa
Krzeminski and Thompson
Sousa and Krzeminski
Dooley and Sousa
15. On what document did Jarvis forge his commanding officer's signature?
Discharge papers for himself
A warrant for the arrest of a spy
A letter of transit for his wife
A receipt for contraband alcohol
16. Where does the tunnel under Stark's vault lead?
To one of Stark's love nests
The docks
Back to the SSR
Nowhere. It's blocked at both ends
17. What is the name of the ship bearing the symbol drawn by Brannis before he died?
The Bar-B
The Heartbreak
The Minnow
The Wave Goodbye
18. Jarvis and Carter find Stark's stolen tech, but it's being guarded by Jerome Zandow. How does Carter subdue Jerome?
She clubs him in the head with an iron pipe
She chokes him until he passes out
She uses the Constrictor device
She shoots him
19. Which SSR agent is killed while transporting Jerome back to headquarters?
20. How did Angie's cousin Ralphie die?
Hit by a bus
Shot down during the war
He drowned
At the hands of the Red Skull

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