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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E13: A-Tisket, A-Tasket
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1. Lorelai has decided she's "saving herself" for _______. Rory points out that might be a problem, since he's dead.
William Holden
Elvis Presley
Steve McQueen
Frank Sinatra
2. Miss Patty has something in her possession that makes Lorelai a bit uncomfortable when they run into each other at Doose's Market - what is it?
a picture of Lorelai in her wallet
a sex toy
a copy of Rory's report card
Dean's apron
3. What does Lorelai receive in the pile of mail at the inn that makes her shake her head in disbelief?
dating profiles, courtesy of Miss Patty
headshots of Lorelai
a bill for the dating site Miss Patty has been using to find Lorelai a new boyfriend
an invitation to Emily and Richard's latest party
4. Rory and Dean's kiss in an aisle of Doose's Market is interrupted by:
Lorelai, looking for Rory's opinion on what basket to buy
Jess, in need of the super glue they are standing in front of
Taylor, insisting that Dean not waste time and get back to work
Mrs. Kim, upset that they are being "unhygienic" in the place she buys food
5. What does Jackson need to discuss with Sookie as she's busy preparing the contents of her basket?
the phone call he received from Sookie's father
whether he should renew the lease on his apartment
the unused birth control he found in her nightstand
the fact that he is unsure about whether they should continue their relationship
6. What's the best thing about the basket auction, according to Lorelai?
it gets everyone out of the house for the day
it gives her a chance to flirt with men in town she barely sees most of the time
it falls on the day after trash day, so any food she forgot to throw out can be added to the basket
it's the one event Luke seems to actually like
7. Lorelai tries to look for the positives after Jess outbids an angry Dean for Rory's basket. What's the only thing she can come up with?
nobody's head is on fire
it'll all be over in an hour
Dean's bark is worse than his bite
Armageddon hasn't started yet
8. Sookie's incredible basket is put up for bidding - it's made of pretzel with a goat cheese filling! Jackson, hurt by her opinion that he should renew his lease, refuses to bid. Who winds up winning Sookie's basket?
9. Lorelai runs into the diner, begging Luke to bid on her basket, after _________.
Kirk and Andrew get into a bidding war on her basket
nobody bids on her basket
the strangers Patty is trying to set her up with get into a bidding war
Dean bids on her basket out of pity
10. Ah, he knows her so well... Luke correctly guesses the contents of Lorelai's basket. What's in there?
leftover Chinese food from Al's Pancake World
2 stale Pop-Tarts and a Slim-Jim
coffee beans and a battery-operated coffee maker
the danishes she had ordered at Luke's that morning
11. Jackson offers to buy Sookie's basket from Kirk, but Kirk's not paying very close attention. He's too busy rustling through the basket, looking for an item he believes is in every picnic basket - what?
chocolate bars
carrot sticks
macaroni salad
tuna fish sandwiches
12. Henry called Lane's house when he was unable to get through to her via pay phone. What did he do when Mrs. Kim answered the phone?
he said he was Lane's guidance counselor and needed to set up a meeting with her
he pretended to be a rep from a local college
he asked for someone else so Mrs. Kim would think it was a wrong number
he tried to sell her a Wall Street Journal subscription
13. Kirk wouldn't accept Jackson's check because Jackson apparently didn't look enough like the picture on his drivers license. Jackson made an agreement to pay Kirk back for Sookie's basket in:
crisp $20 bills, straight from the bank
weekly installments of crinkle-cut carrot sticks
a basket of tomatoes from his future crop
a batch of homemade raspberry jam
14. Sookie is crushed when Jackson says he's changed his mind about moving in together, until she hears his explanation. Why did he change his mind?
he thinks they should meet each other's families before taking the next step
he has decided they might be moving too fast
he thinks they should just get married instead
he wants to talk things over with the local minister first
15. Lorelai discusses her concerns about Jess with Rory after Rory tells her that:
she was glad Jess bid on her basket after all
Dean doesn't stimulate her intellectually like Jess does
she spent time after the picnic out shopping with Jess
she had a dream about Jess the night before the basket auction
16. Lorelai and Rory make up at Friday night dinner after:
Rory admits that Jess makes her a little nervous
Dean calls Rory and apologizes for his jealous behavior
Emily tells Lorelai she agrees with her hesitation about Jess
Lorelai admits that Jess may be getting a bad rap in Stars Hollow
17. Rory calls Jess after arriving home from Friday night dinner. Jess has something of Rory's in his possession and is looking at it as he's on the phone with her. What is it?
her picture
the bracelet Dean made for her
another one of her books that he "borrowed"
her Chilton jacket

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