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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E12: Richard in Stars Hollow
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1. Lorelai and Rory arrive for Friday night dinner, only to be immediately quizzed on Lorelai's love life. Why is Emily so interested in whether Lorelai is dating anyone?
she has decided she wants another grandchild
she and her friend have a friendly wager going on whose daughter will marry first
her hair stylist has a son who is recently divorced and looking for a new girlfriend
there is no space for a significant other at the Gilmore family mausoleum
2. The family collectively decides to move poor Aunt Cecile into the annex at the mausoleum, based on her inability to:
say "please" and "thank you"
understand the concept of the "knock-knock" joke
send Christmas and birthday cards on time
chew with her mouth closed
3. Now that Richard is retired, he's driving Emily crazy at home. He notices every tiny detail about Emily and life at home - which of the following is not something Richard observed?
Emily wore shoes that didn't match her purse last Thursday
Emily complimented a maid on a job well done
Emily ever-so-slightly moved the position of a vase
Emily changed her hair
4. Rory mentions to Kirk while at Stars Hollow Video that she saw young boys looking at a movie cover that seemed inappropriate for kids their age. What was on the cover that made it so inappropriate for young eyes?
a half-naked woman (Showgirls)
goriness (Halloween)
dead bodies (Faces of Death)
drugs (Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke)
5. A frazzled Emily calls Lorelai and begs her to take Richard for the day. She's at her wit's end because Richard wants to join her:
gynecologist appointment
water aerobics class
private massage
6. The last time Lorelai and Richard were alone together was on the way home from summer camp, after Lorelai was kicked out for ________.
refusing to call the camp counselor "Peaches"
being caught having sex with Christopher in the dining hall's walk-in refrigerator
drinking in the archery field
refusing to eat the food offered at meals
7. Richard's criticisms of Lorelai's daily life start early on in the day. While dining at Luke's, Richard gives Lorelai grief for:
eating so many meals in a "dump" like Luke's
not having a grapefruit as part of her breakfast
not saying grace before she starts eating breakfast
using too much maple syrup on her pancakes
8. Paris has decided that the Franklin article that can win the Oppenheimer Award for excellence in school journalism will be on:
whether teenage love can last through college
the charm of a town that still holds town meetings
the "seedy underbelly" of small-town life
children of teenage mothers
9. Paris is not pleased by the fact that she __________ in order to get the feel of small-town life.
has to shop at the Piggly-Wiggly
took a bus to Stars Hollow rather than drove her BMW
has to take part in a pie-baking contest
is knitting a sweater for a competition
10. Not even 5 minutes into her Stars Hollow investigation, Paris has already annoyed Luke by telling him that:
his diner is dirty
gang members wear their hats backwards - or so she's heard
the town is known as the "armpit of Connecticut"
diners are known as breeding grounds for prostitution and drug dealers
11. Surprise surprise, Richard has issues with the way Lorelai conducts her business at the inn. Which of the following is not one of his observations or complaints?
Lorelai is not wearing a suit jacket
Lorelai flirted on the phone with a delivery man in order to get the delivery in a timely fashion
Lorelai's phone greeting is inappropriate
the inn has run low on towels and tablecloths - an issue Lorelai is aware of and is trying to rectify
12. Paris finds her story in Stars Hollow - what's it about?
corruption in local government
laziness in the police force
censorship in a small town
health code violations in local restaurants
13. Rory is upset when she discovers that her seemingly innocent observation about the movie in the video store has led to:
a "Rory curtain", behind which all movies that Taylor has deemed "objectionable" reside
a new rule that no-one under the age of 18 is allowed in the video store
the video store's closure
an article about Rory in the Stars Hollow Gazette
14. What word does Richard use to describe Lorelai in action at work to Rory?
15. Richard is relieved to not see ________ in Rory's room.
Princeton memorabilia
posters of "death rockers"
pictures of Dean
unfinished homework assignments
16. Richard and Lorelai's fight over Rory's interest in Harvard is interrupted by the arrival of:
17. Dean has arrived with a gift that Richard insists Rory cannot accept. What is it?
a silver locket with his picture inside
a promise ring
her own helmet for use on his new motorcycle
the car Dean was building for her
18. Despite Gypsy the mechanic's insistence that the car Dean for Rory is safe and in great working condition, Richard insists there must be something wrong with it. Fed up and ready to go home, Gypsy:
punctures one of the tires
drains the antifreeze
dents the driver's side door
breaks off the windshield wipers
19. After attempting to make small talk with Dean, Richard comments on Dean's:
style of dress
puka shell necklace
20. Rory tries bribing Jess with _________ to get him to admit what antics he was up to at the video store.
her copy of "Metamorphosis"
a movie invitation
an egg roll
a cup of coffee

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