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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E11: Secrets and Loans
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1. Lorelai and Rory decide to hit a midnight showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" to celebrate:
Rory's excellent scores on the PSAT's
Lorelai's business school's mid-semester break
Mrs. Kim allowing Lane to spend the night at their house
Rory's induction into the Honor Society
2. Why is Paris upset while sitting with Rory, Madeline and Louise at lunch?
nobody wants to work with her on the Franklin any more, due to her bossiness
Headmaster Charleston wants to speak with her in private after lunch
Rory won't tell Paris her PSAT scores
Rory got a higher grade than Paris on a group assignment, as the teacher thought Rory's work was better
3. Lorelai wakes Rory up in the middle of the night, saying there's no way she can sleep in a house she knows is bug-infested. Where do they end up spending the night?
Emily and Richard's house
Sookie's house
the floor of Miss Patty's dance studio
Luke's apartment
4. Sookie and Rory think that the bank should consider loaning Lorelai money for the termite repairs because she's an upstanding citizen and an active party of the community. Which of the following is not one of the examples they give of Lorelai's involvement in Stars Hollow?
she allowed the senior center to use the inn's banquet room for a Valentine's Day dance
she made the donkey outfits for last year's Christmas festival
she organized the "Save the Historic Oak Tree" campaign
she played Tevye in the Stars Hollow Community Theater production of "Fiddler on the Roof"
5. Lorelai and Rory discover that Jackson is hiding in the closet. He doesn't want to come out, though, because he (correctly) assumes that they will make fun of his pajamas. What IS the deal with Jackson's PJ's?
they are Sookie's - Jackson likes wearing ladies' pajamas
they are covered in pictures of a teenage Jackson in his wrestling uniform
they are two sizes too small
they have Sesame Street characters on them
6. Why won't Mrs. Kim let Rory into the antiques shop?
she thinks Rory and Dean are setting a bad example for Lane
she thinks Rory is a "termite carrier" who will cause her antique wooden furniture to become infested
Lane's friends aren't allowed inside if Lane is not home
Rory isn't allowed in until Lorelai stops by to pick up the table she bought a month ago
7. Lorelai gives Rory the silent treatment - then yells at her - after:
Rory calls Lorelai "childish and petty" during an argument about a lost CD
Rory asks to stay with Christopher until the termite situation has been taken care of
Rory calls the bank and begs for a loan after Lorelai's request for one is denied
Rory tells Emily about Lorelai's difficulty in getting a loan to cover termite extermination and house repairs
8. Rory, at Stars Hollow High to meet up with Dean, is surprised to see:
Jess and Dean fighting in the hallway
Dean holding hands with another girl
Jess studying out of his calculus textbook
Lane in a cheerleading uniform, complete with pom poms
9. Who attempts to loan Lorelai the money she needs in a roundabout way, knowing she will never accept a loan from a friend?
10. Lorelai goes to the bank appointment that Emily set up for her, but walks out of the bank when:
she sees Christopher at the bank, opening up a savings account for Rory
she discovers Emily is there too and is planning on going to the meeting with Lorelai
the bank manager mentions his close personal relationship with Emily and Richard
she realizes she dated the bank manager's son in high school
11. Lorelai agrees to allow Emily into the meeting, under one condition. What?
Emily needs to give up one Friday night dinner per month
Emily cannot mention Christopher to Lorelai any more
Emily needs to be completely silent
Emily has to stop showing up to Chilton parent events
12. Lorelai is turned down for a loan at her mother's friend's bank, but it is a good thing that Emily is there for the meeting after all - why?
a bank teller passes out and Emily knows CPR
Lorelai needs Emily to cosign in order to be approved for a loan
Emily is able to persuade her friend to give Lorelai the loan
Lorelai falls and sprains her ankle on the way out of the bank, then needs a ride home
13. Lorelai asks what she owes Emily for co-signing the loan; after all, Friday night dinner is a sort of payment for the money loaned for Chilton. What does Emily say that Lorelai owes her?
a daily phone call, keeping her apprised of Rory's school success
a mother/daughter manicure and pedicure
six months' worth of Saturday afternoon tea in addition to Friday night dinners
nothing - she just wanted to do something nice for her daughter
14. Lane and Rory make up after the bonfire, in which the new Stars Hollow High basketball team uniforms are unveiled. Rory compliments Lane on _______.
the way she shakes her pom-poms during the cheerleaders' routine
the music played during the cheerleaders' routine; Rory correctly guesses that Lane chose the music
her "perfect" cartwheels
the way she looks in her cheerleading uniform
15. Lorelai apologizes to Emily for doubting her motives regarding the co-signing of the loan. Emily says she appreciates the apology, then follows it up by:
giving Lorelai a hug
giving Lorelai updated information on a repayment schedule
informing Lorelai that the D.A.R. will be having their monthly meetings at the Independence Inn from now on
telling Lorelai she will be calling a week before the payment is due, for the duration of the loan, to make sure Lorelai is not being irresponsible with making payments

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