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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E10: The Bracebridge Dinner
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1. Lorelai is convinced that a ringer has been brought in to the local ______ being held in the center of town.
ice-skating competition
basket weaving contest
snowman building contest
hot dog eating competition
2. Sookie and Lorelai spring the news on Jackson, who is at the inn making a produce delivery, that:
he will be playing the Squire of Bracebridge at the inn's special 19th century dinner
he will be needed as a tour guide for the group that is staying at the inn
they need triple the amount of produce they had originally agreed upon
surprise - Sookie is pregnant!
3. Why is Jackson chosen to be the Squire of Bracebridge?
he's the only person who will fit into the costume
he has a beard
his voice sounds "regal"
he is the only person with the night off of work
4. Chris calls Lorelai, asking her for a favor. What does he want?
he needs a place to stay for a few nights and is hoping he could stay with Lorelai and Rory
he'd like Rory to spend a few days of her winter break with him in Boston
he needs someone to watch his puppy while he's out of town on business
he needs a few rooms reserved at the inn for his family, who are in town for a family reunion
5. The dinner is temporarily off after the group that's supposed to be staying at the inn cancels their trip - why?
they all have food poisoning after a disastrous holiday party
they are stuck in Chicago because of a terrible snowstorm
the company went bankrupt
the CEO of the company was just arrested for embezzlement
6. Lorelai and Rory can't understand why people __________, given that the two of them are "unapologetic mockers".
sing Christmas carols in front of their house
send them Christmas cards with pictures of their babies on them
dance in their general vicinity
ask them for fashion advice
7. Babette and Morey are the first people to arrive at the inn for the Bracebridge dinner, which upsets Morey because:
he is afraid nobody else will show up
he was supposed to meet Taylor 15 minutes earlier to discuss a town issue
he was hoping that it was time to sit down and eat, as he's really hungry
he thinks being the first person to arrive hurts his street credibility
8. Rory invites Richard and Emily to the dinner; she also invites ________.
Dean's mother and father
Headmaster Charleston
9. Emily and Richard arrive at the inn, and Lorelai and Rory are surprised to see:
Richard wearing sweatpants and sneakers
Richard in an exceptionally chipper mood
Emily with a new, short haircut
Emily acting thankful for being invited to the dinner
10. Lorelai surprises the dinner guests with:
personal serenades by the harpist and violinist
cupcakes with the guests' faces on them
open bar
rides in house-drawn sleighs
11. During their ride, Luke tells Lorelai he's learned the "secret of parenting" after months of living with Jess. What is it?
bribery is underrated
ignore them until they're old enough to move out
visualize the reality you want, and if necessary, lie to bring it about
don't have kids, and if you have them, give them up for adoption
12. What did Luke lie to Jess about?
whether his mother wanted him to come visit her for winter break
whether Luke likes having Jess in Stars Hollow
the fact that the diner is losing money
Luke's meeting with the principal of the high school
13. During their sleigh ride, Richard suggests to Emily that they do what together in their free time?
go on a roller coaster
hike up a mountain
go skiing
learn to ice skate
14. Jess tells Rory that her and Lorelai's snow woman looks like:
Diane Sawyer
Oprah Winfrey
Courtney Love
15. Lorelai and Rory have fun trying to get ______ to ________ during dinner.
Luke; crack a smile
Emily; say the word "awesome"
Kirk; break character as one of the dinner's servers
Paris; admit she's having fun
16. Richard lets it slip at the end of the dinner that:
he is recently retired - he quit his job
he will be let go at his job by the end of the month
his and Emily's accountant stole most of their money
he wants to divorce Emily and live the life of a single, carefree man
17. Rory accuses Lorelai of __________ during a conversation in their room after dinner.
trying to sabotage Richard and Emily's happiness
hiding feelings for Luke
hating Paris
being jealous of Christopher's girlfriend
18. Richard tells Emily the story of his quitting his job, saying that his secretaries were shocked to see Richard doing something unusual after he quit. What was he doing?
loosening his tie
chewing gum
19. Lorelai and Rory take a sleigh ride from the inn back to their house, and discover during the ride that:
the "ringer snowman" has been destroyed
Luke's is closed for the next week
someone has moved their Bjork snowgirl to their front yard
Dean and Jess are fighting in the middle of town square

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