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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 03: Office Olympics
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Office Olympics

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1. At the beginning of the episode, Michael made Ryan come in several hours early. Why?
To help Michael with filing
To bring him breakfast
Because Ryan had left early the day before
Because Michael gets spooked when in the office by himself
2. What life-changing experience did Michael embark upon in the episode?
He asked Jan for a date
He asked for a raise
He became president of his improv troupe
He bought a condo
3. Jim finds out that Oscar and Kevin play a paper football game called "hateball." Why is it called that?
Because Angela hates it
Because it reminds them how much they hate Dwight
Because Loveball sounds silly
Because they would simply *hate* getting fired if they were caught playing it
4. What is the name of Michael's real estate agent (whom he later dated briefly)?
5. In this episode, Dwight discloses for the first time that he owns a working farm with his cousing Mose. What is grown on the farm?
String beans
Baby corn
6. Jim bounces a ball back and forth off a wall with Toby. What name does Toby have for this?
Extreme X-ball
Ofice timekiller #8
7. What do Jim and Pam use for the Office Olympics medals?
Yogurt lids
Construction paper
Flattened bottle caps
Poker chips
8. Who won an uncontested gold medal for stuffing M&Ms into his mouth?
9. Angela has a game - she counts the number of times Jim gets up from his desk to go over to reception to talk to Pam. What is this called?
Pam Pong
Brazen time wasting
10. Who are on the medal stand for the closing ceremony?
Oscar, Stanley and Creed
Michael, Dwight and Jim
Creed, Toby and Ryan
Meredith, Angela and Pam

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