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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, Season 7
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1. "2017": April and Andy realize they are in boring people hell as they consider buying this type of insurance:
2. "2017": What attacks Terry on the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show?
Tiny clowns
Mr. Mustard and Dr. Ketchup
3. "Ron and Jammy": At Tammy's request, Jeremy Jamm is frequently sick as he adopts a diet consisting only of:
Sausage and beer
Steak and whiskey
Meatloaf and scotch
Pork chops and moonshine
4. "Ron and Jammy": After extensive coaching, training and slapping by Ron and Leslie, Jamm finally resists Tammy in:
A bookstore
A laundromat
A grocery store
A pet store
5. "William Henry Harrison": What is the significance of William Henry Harrison, other than being elected president, not wear a coat at his inauguration, catching a bad cold, and dying?
Cousin on the founder of Pawnee
Ancestor of the Newport family
First governor of the Indiana Territories
Leslie's great-great-great grandfather
6. "William Henry Harrison": To which band does Andy dance in the Other Things That Were Famous for One Month room in the museum?
Right Said Fred
Baha Men
Crazy Town
7. "Leslie & Ron": Locked in the same room together, Leslie tries each of the following to get Ron to talk to her, except for:
Praising the vegan lifestyle
Post-It Note-ing him
Insulting wood
Blowing a fan in his ear
8. "Leslie & Ron": What was displaced when Ron built Morningstar?
Little Sebastian's grave
Ann's old house
JJ's Diner
The wall memorializing the wall that used to separate Pawnee and Eagleton
9. "Leslie & Ron": By the end of their lock-in, Ron is wearing:
Baby blue
10. "GryzzlBox": The town hall meeting in which Pawnee residents vent about Gryzzl's invasion of privacy ends with everyone chanting:
Lesser of two evils!
We're not against you on this!
Join the rush to judgement!
Boy are we appeased!
11. "GryzzlBox": "Ours is a new romance, but one that has sent shockwaves through my architecture firm...." When Leslie and Ben infiltrate Gryzzl, they assume the names:
Marybeth Stillwell and Dwayne Rockson
Jill St. Jackson and Archie Atcheson
Darlene Johansson and Gregory Strong
Helen Troyson and Washington Adams
12. "Save J.J.'s": Gryzzl promises a free concert featuring U2 and Beyonce, with seating organized by:
Party affiliation and life expentancy
Height and wealth
Painkiller dependency and high school GPA
Income and sexual history
13. "Save J.J.'s": Dennis Feinstein's FDA-rejected cologne which is sprayed on the protesters is called:
Tar and Feathers
The Hounds
14. "Donna and Joe": The last four Meagle family _________ ended at the hospital:
Pictionary tournaments
Christmas eves
Movie nights
15. "Donna and Joe": When she visits the Leslie and Ben's house to pitch the idea of Ben running for Congress, Jennifer Barkley is started by the sight of:
Leslie's outfit
A photo of Little Sebastian
A child
Herself in a mirror
16. "Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington": We learn that Senators Cory Booker and Orin Hatch are in this type of folk music:
17. "Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington": April applied to the Parks department with a signed copy of a photograph of this TV character:
18. "Pie-Mary": When Jennifer Barkley visits Ben and Leslie at home for a scheduling/strategy meeting, she is wearing a:
Ball gown
19. "Pie-Mary": The box where April had originally hidden Ron's key also contains:
Snake Juice
A compass
20. "The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show": Burt Macklin: "I don't give a crap, _________, you work for me! Increase the perimeter!"
Guardians of the Galaxy
President Obama
James Bond
21. "The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show": Which is not one of the Five Karate Moves to Success?
Learn Something
Karate-Chop Something
Try Something New
Lick Something
22. "Two Funerals": The name of the Pawnees mayor who died - and looked strangely familiar - is:
23. "Two Funerals": In addition to the mayor, the other Pawnee resident who death shrouded the episode was a:
24. "One Last Ride": As April started went into labor to deliver Burt Snakehole Ludgate Karate Dracula Macklin Demon Jack'o-lantern Dwyer, this song played on her birth mix:
Monster Mash
Flying Purple People Eater
Highway to Hell
25. "One Last Ride": Leslie, after hearing about the possibility of the Indiana governorship: "I'm going to take this energy and I'm going to go crush Joe Biden in:"
20 Questions
Thumb wars

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