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How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E02: Bridge and Tunnel
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1. What is the name of the Battalion Triage Nurse on the Captain America Adventure Program?
Betty Ross
Betty Carver
Peggy Ross
Madge Carver
2. Having lost her roommate and her apartment, where does Jarvis suggest Carter stay?
In Angie's building
The Waldorf Astoria
In the extra room at his house
In one of Stark's love nest apartments.
3. Leet Brannis and Green Suit share what unusual feature?
Each has six fingers on each hand
Both are blind
Each has had his larynx removed
Both are under 5 feet tall
4. What is the name of the dairy company where Carter goes in search of the missing nitromene?
Daisy Clover
Daisy May
Four Leaf Clover
May Clover
5. Carter poses as an inspector to gain access to Daisy Clover's fleet of trucks. What name does she use?
Her own name
Betty Carver
Betty Ross
Ruth Barton
6. Inspector "Ruth Barton" discovers a driver for Daisy Clover has been out sick. What is the driver's name?
Sheldon McFee
Sheldon McFeeley
Sheldon McFerguson
Sheldon McShane
7. What task does Chief Dooley give to Krzeminski?
Discover the real name of Green Suit
File the TPS reports
Pull apart the Big Ball of Roxxon
Track down Jarvis
8. According to Hugh Jones, the head of Roxxon, what came between Jones and Howard Stark?
Stark's wife
Jones' wife
Jones' daughter
Jones' girlfriend
9. The VitaRay detector can be found stored with which Project file?
10. Objects exposed to VitaRays retain a signature that can be detected for several days. What is Carter wearing that triggers the VitaRay detector?
Her brooch
Her jacket
Her shoes
Her watch
11. Which Roxxon employee is taken into custody in connection with the missing nitromene?
Hugh Jones
James Herbert
Miles Van Ert
Miriam Fry
12. Carter subdues McFee a little too effectively. How does she secure him while he is unconscious?
She handcuffs him to a bed
She handcuffs him to a chair
She hogties him and leaves him on the floor
She ties him to the bannister
13. Why is Leet Brannis unable to start the milk truck and flee from McFee's place?
Jarvis sabotaged the engine
It's out of gas
Leet can't find the keys
Carter shoots the engine
14. Carter and Jarvis capture Leet and head back to New York City. How are they ambushed by Green Suit?
Green Suit rams them with a car
Green Suit blows out their tires with road spikes
Green Suit jumps onto the truck from an overpass
Green suit shoots holes in their engine block
15. What is the fate of the truck full of nitromene?
It hits a tree, rolls over, falls off a cliff, bounces into a hay bale and then detonates
It plummets into a body of water and then detonates.
It rolls to a stop and the nitromene grenade fizzles out
It crashes into a barn and detonates
16. In the struggle with Green Suit, he drops a key. Who recovers it?
Chief Dooley
Agent Krzeminski
Agent Sousa
Agent Thomas
17. Jarvis isn't sure if Carter is arrogant or ignorant. Which does she admit to being?
18. After much urging by Angie, where does Peggy decide to rent an apartment?
Gordon Arms
Griffith Hotel
Stark Arms
Waldorf Astoria
19. Peggy returns to the SSR offices. The photos from La Martinique have been developed and the men want her to settle a bet. Who do they believe might be shown in one of the photos?
Agent Carter
Joe DiMaggio
Ronald Reagan
Randolph Scott
20. What does Krzeminski find in the Big Ball of Roxxon?
A nitromene grenade
A glowing meteorite
A broken arc reactor
The license plate to Stark's car

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