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How Well Do You Know: Two Weeks Notice
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1. We are first introduced to Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock) as she's staging a protest with her friends, trying to prevent:
the captivity of orca whales at a local sea park
a community theater from being demolished
a methadone clinic from being built in her neighborhood
censorship at an independent newspaper
2. We are first introduced to George Wade (Hugh Grant) as he's being honored at a reception for being:
the local Medical Center's "Man of the Year"
one of New York City's most influential bachelors
top donor at the New York City Public Library
the newest board member of the Smithsonian
3. George meets with the head of the company - his brother, Howard. Howard tells George that he must:
hire a "real" attorney for her brains, not her looks
find a new business partner - Howard is retiring
marry by the end of the year or lose out on a trust fund left in their father's will
find a way to bring in new business, as the company is close to bankruptcy
4. George and Lucy meet when she accosts him on the street, asking him to:
donate a large sum of money to the local homeless coalition
visit a slum with her so he could see how the less fortunate live
save the community center she attended as a child
hire her as his receptionist
5. George promises to save Lucy's community center, under the condition that:
she promises to never come within 100 feet of him, or risk getting arrested
she helps him find a new receptionist
she accepts a job as his chief counsel
she goes to dinner with him the next night
6. Weeks after accepting the position at Wade Corporation, Lucy finds she is being asked for her opinion on trivial matters not pertaining to the law. George asks her opinion on which stationery he should put company letterhead on; she chooses based on:
the feel of the paper
the taste of the envelope's sealant
the ease in making paper airplanes with the sheets of paper
the color of the papers - she picks alphabetically, so "bone" wins over "eggshell"
7. Lucy becomes angry when George has her _______ immediately following his divorce proceedings.
prank call his now ex-wife
help him pick out new clothes
pick him up from the bar
take dancing lessons with him
8. After a year at Wade Corporation, Lucy gives her two-weeks notice after being called away from her best friend's wedding, in which she was the maid of honor, for another "George emergency". What was the emergency this time?
he had his teeth bleached earlier and wanted to know if Lucy thought they looked whiter
he had an itch on his back that he couldn't reach
he needed help picking out a suit to wear as a judge in the Miss New York competition
he heard a suspicious noise in his closet and wanted help checking it out, in case it was an intruder
9. Lucy finds it difficult to find a new job - why?
George has called her potential employers ahead of time and dissuaded them, making her "unemployable"
she keeps comparing every potential employer to George
her salary at Wade was so high that nobody wants to match it
she complains about George during the interviews, making her look childish and petty
10. Lucy finds herself in an awkward situation when, after following George into the men's room to ask for his "permission" for her to quit without any problems, she winds up getting her _______ stuck in his _______.
hand; back pocket
hair; zipper
bracelet; hair
hair; belt
11. Lucy and George have an intimate conversation over cake on the roof of her parents' apartment building, talking about:
what they wanted to do for a living when they were children
their first boyfriend/girlfriend
the expectations (or lack thereof) their parents had for them
how dogs are more loyal than people are
12. Lucy and her boyfriend Ansel break up after he asks her to do something and she says no. What does he want her to do?
join him on a Greenpeace mission
marry him
fly around the world with him in his puddle-jumper plane
move in with him
13. George takes Lucy out on his boat to cheer her up. She gets extremely drunk and ________ before passing out.
vomits on him
kisses him
harasses passengers on a passing boat
strips to her underwear
14. George tells a slightly jealous Lucy about June, her potential replacement, while they are at:
a Mets game
a romantic dinner
a store trying on clothes in the dressing room
the CPR class Lucy teaches
15. Lucy's jealousy and competitive streak show while playing a game of _______ against June at the company outing.
miniature golf
16. Stuck in traffic, George pays a fellow motorist to:
turn on his sirens so George and Lucy can drive on through
have some of their coffee
allow Lucy to use the bathroom in his family's RV
hand over the pillow in her back seat, so Lucy can fake a pregnancy/labor and get them out of the traffic jam
17. Lucy hears the news at the New York Children's League benefit that Wade Corp is now going to tear down the Community Center. Who does she hear it from?
her mother
18. Lucy visits George's room at The Grand hotel to continue to the earlier conversation about the Community Center. Unfortunately, she walks in on George and June in the middle of a game of strip _______.
Chutes and Ladders
19. On her last day at Wade, Lucy gets into a physical altercation with June over:
a stapler
a potted plant
a fish bowl
coat hangers
20. Lucy's father talks to her about people's ability to change, evidenced by the fact that ________, even though he hates it.
he owns a pleather jacket
he is learning to knit
he is eating a cheesecake made from soy
he has given up drinking alcohol
21. Lucy learns that the Community Center has been saved after all, when:
George visits her at Legal Aid and asks for her opinion on the speech he made at the ceremony
her father reads about it in the paper
she runs into George and June on the street and June tells Lucy the news
she receives a voicemail from Howard Wade, blaming her for George's change of plan
22. After admitting they are in love with each other, George also admits to Lucy that he:
wants to start a new company with her
has resigned from Wade Corp.
fired June
wants to marry her

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