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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 02: Sexual Harassment
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The Office: Sexual Harassment

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1. Michael describes himself as The King of:
The Office
2. He's an obnoxious dweeb. He used to be a Dunder-Mifflin salesman with Michael. He's balding. He appears in this episode. His name is:
Todd Packer
Richie McKay
Pete Fleming
Tim Dalton
3. What task is Ryan assigned to for the episode?
Sweeping the warehouse clean
Cleaning the ladies' room
Driving Todd Packer around
Couriering a package to Corporate
4. Why are the sexual harassment review being conducted?
The women in the office have complained about Michael
The women in the office have complained about Dwight
The women in the office have complained about the warehouse staff
The Dunder-Mifflin CEO left the company over sexual harassment complaint
5. When Michael talks to the warehouse staff about a joke that he can tell, they make fun of:
His girlfriend
His car
The tightness of his pants
His haircut
6. Whose mother is visiting the office?
7. What does Michael bring in when he takes over the sexual harassment review from Toby?
A blow-up doll
A copy of the Kama Sutra
A condom
A lacy bra
8. When Michael announces that, due to the company's policies, he is retiring from comedy, Jim asks him if Michael if he will no longer use:
'Your mama' jokes
'That's what she said'
The 'pull my finger' gag
'Butt so fat' jokes
9. When Jan arrives in the office with the corporate lawyer, Michael announces loudly in the office that:
That he and Jan 'did it'
That he would totally do 3 or 4 of the female office employees
Darryl thinks that he banged the chick in the Crossing the Line video
He has a wild night planned for him and the blow-up doll
10. Michael concludes the episode by saying that it would be "inappropriate for me to __________________, as much as I might want to."
Take a bath with Pam
Ask Jan out on a date
Have a guy's night out with Ryan
Ask Meredith out to the prom

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