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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E09: Run Away, Little Boy
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1. Lorelai arrives home from the video store to find Rory and Sookie waiting for her in the kitchen. They're not sure how to tell her that _______.
Emily called, upset over something trivial, and is on her way over
Rory heard through the Chilton grapevine that Max is engaged
Mia has sold the Independence Inn
a late wedding gift has arrived for her and Max
2. Lorelai opens the gift, as there is no card on the outside of the package and she wants to know who to send it back to. What's the gift?
an ice cream maker
two airline tickets to Hawaii
an espresso machine
a DVD player
3. Tristin is back at Chilton after yet another suspension. What did he do to get himself into trouble this time?
he photocopied embarrassing photos of his teachers and hung them up in the hallways
he called in a phony bomb threat to the headmaster's office
he took apart a teacher's car and put it back together inside the science building's hallway
he covered all of the school's door locks with super glue
4. Lorelai flirts with another business school student over:
the toilet paper stuck to his shoe
the burritos that come from the school vending machines
his apparent love of hair gel
5. Lorelai's classmate Paul offers to take her out to dinner as a way of thanking her for:
sharing her burrito with him
letting him borrow her class notes yet again
tutoring him
always having a spare pen on her - he can never seen to remember to bring one
6. Rory, Paris, Madeline and Louise are put together in a group in English class. They are to act out a scene from Romeo and Juliet for 50% of their final grade. Tristin, who hadn't been assigned to a group because he had been suspended when assignments were handed out, joins their group - why?
he knows it will annoy Paris to no end
he looks forward to any opportunity to flirt with Rory
it's the only one of the groups to not include an ex-girlfriend
he knows the teacher will look favorably on his joining a group with Paris as a participant
7. Paris demands that Rory play the role of Juliet to Tristin's Romeo, for all of the following reasons except one - which one?
she has the best chemistry with Tristin
she's got the "waif look" down
she's the best public speaker
she'll look great dead
8. Sookie prepares whole wheat blueberry pancakes for Michel. Michel will only eat them if they ______.
have no more than 12 blueberries in them
come with fresh blueberry syrup
are the size of silver dollars
were cooked in a cast iron skillet
9. Sookie expresses her concern about Lorelai after:
Lorelai tries donating the ice cream maker to the inn
Lorelai calls in sick 2 days in a row
Sookie catches Lorelai yelling at Michel for no good reason
Lorelai admits she is thinking of asking Max to take her back
10. While Lorelai is preparing for her date, Rory receives a phone call from an upset Paris. The hall she had reserved for Romeo and Juliet rehearsals has been double booked, and she doesn't want the other groups "spying" on them. Paris found the group a new rehearsal spot, though: ________.
Rory's house
Emily and Richard's patio
Miss Patty's
the gazebo in the middle of Stars Hollow
11. How does Dean find out that Tristin is in Stars Hollow, and that he is Romeo to Rory's Juliet?
he runs into Paris outside Miss Patty's right before rehearsal
Tristin goes to Doose's Market and tells him during their confrontation
he walks by rehearsal on his way to Luke's and sees Rory kissing Tristin
Lorelai mentions it to him, assuming he already knew
12. Lorelai's date with the younger man doesn't go all that well, although she's glad she's now "back out there". Lorelai tells Rory that they were not very compatible. She gives Rory the example that he loves ______ and Lorelai does not.
the outdoors
horror movies
classic cars
vegan cuisine
13. Rory's insistence that Dean is "fine" with Tristin and Rory playing Romeo and Juliet doesn't seem all that likely after:
Dean invites himself to the rest of Rory's rehearsals
Dean threatens to dump Rory if she kisses Tristin in the play
Tristin comes back from Doose's Market with a black eye after fighting with Dean
Dean insists that Rory find a new group to join
14. Lorelai is surprised to see her date from "casual Wednesday", Paul, getting coffee at Luke's with:
his girlfriend
his older, more attractive brother
his parents
15. Rory asks Dean to leave rehearsal because it's complicating things - why?
she is so in love with him that she can't concentrate on getting her lines right
Madeline won't stop hitting on him and it's making Rory jealous
Tristin is taunting him and staring at him before every rehearsed kiss with Rory
Paris is insisting that only Chilton students be present at rehearsals
16. Sookie comments on how young Lorelai's date looked when he visited Luke's with his parents. How did she know what he looked like?
Paul and his parents had stopped by the inn first
she ran into him on the way out of Luke's
she had been sitting in the corner of the diner with Jackson
Kirk took pictures
17. Paris panics because they're short a Romeo - Tristin hasn't shown up at Chilton yet. He arrives just before they are to go on stage, to let them know he can't perform - why?
his father pulled him out of Chilton and enrolled him in military school
he can't be around Rory if Dean is going to be there, watching his every move
he has laryngitis
his mother has been in a car accident and he needs to go to the hospital
18. What did Tristin do that got him enrolled in military school?
he stole his father's car
he punched the guy who is dating one of his exes
he broke into his friend's dad's safe
he toilet papered the tree in front of Headmaster Charleston's house
19. Lorelai can't understand why Luke runs so hot-and-cold with her; Sookie points out to her that Luke has "a thing" for her, saying that Luke:
has told Sookie of his feelings for Lorelai
broke up with Rachel because of his feelings for Lorelai
wonders if Lorelai will date anyone else in the world before she'll date him
was thrilled after Lorelai's engagement to Max was called off
20. Lorelai talks to Luke after Rory's show, letting him know that:
she may have feelings for him too
she will always be there for him, and hopes he will be in her life forever as well
she regrets breaking up with Max
he will find a nice woman to marry someday

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