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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E08: The Ins and Outs of Inns
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1. Poor Richard is stuck in Akron, OH on business. Emily has an idea of what can cheer him up when he gets home - what?
having an oil portrait of Rory made to hang in his study
having Rory learn to play him a specific song on the piano
a special "welcome back" dinner
framing a picture of herself, Rory and Lorelai
2. Lorelai tells Luke that when she and Rory first moved into their house, they tried giving it a name, along the lines of Thomas Jefferson and "Monticello". The only name they could think of for their house was:
"Not Emily's Place"
"The Lorelai Funhouse"
"The Crap Shack"
"The House With No Name"
3. Lorelai and Sookie are thinking of names for the inn they hope to open. Michel has a few suggestions of his own - which of the following is NOT one of them?
"The Money Pit"
"The Horrible Mistake"
"The Inn Heading for Bankruptcy"
"The Outhouse"
4. No, Sookie, according to the title search, "that bastard Donald Trump" doesn't own the old Dragonfly bed-and-breakfast. Who does own it?
Fran from Weston's Bakery
Taylor Doose
Miss Patty
Bootsy, owner of the newsstand
5. The police and fire departments have been called to Doose's Market to deal with the ________ in front of the store.
horses congregating
chalk outline of a body, sectioned off by police tape,
group of clowns, waiting to get inside,
boom box, blaring rap music
6. Mia, the owner of the Independence Inn, shows up for a surprise visit. Michel is uncharacteristically pleasant and sweet towards Mia, but is frustrated because:
Mia cannot understand what he is saying, thanks to his accent
Mia doesn't like him and is rude to him
Lorelai won't let him socialize with Mia - she wants to hang out with Mia by herself
Mia gives him double the workload he usually has
7. Luke tells Mia that she is the only person in the world who can - what?
make a better omelet than he can
call him "Lucas"
shut Lorelai up
make him blush
8. Mia tells Lorelai and Rory stories of a young Luke. The ladies get a huge kick out of hearing about the year he wore a _______ t-shirt everywhere he went.
The Dukes of Hazzard
The Beatles
Charlie's Angels
Star Trek
9. Taylor storms into Luke's, angry about the chalk outline outside his store- he assumes that Jess is the culprit. He names organizations that are also concerned about the "Jess situation" -all of which have only Taylor as a member. Which is not one of them?
Stars Hollow Neighborhood Watch Association
Stars Hollow Tourist Board
Townspeople For a Happier Stars Hollow
Stars Hollow Citizens for a Clean Stars Hollow Council
10. Lorelai jokes that when she first showed up at the Independence Inn with a baby in her arms, looking for any kind of job at all, the only skill she possessed was ______.
opening a can of Spaghetti O's for dinner
looking amazing in a pair of tight pants
flawlessly applying mascara in a moving car
11. Emily's upset because Rory is not being cooperative while posing for Richard's oil painting. She sarcastically suggests changing Rory's pose to show her _____, which Lorelai actually thinks is a great idea.
reading a book
dancing to her favorite music
doing her homework
12. Lorelai knows she needs to tell Mia about the plans to open an inn with Sookie, but chickens out after seeing Mia so happy about:
seeing Miss Patty and Babette again
the way the inn is being run
the quality of the food Sookie is preparing
understanding what Michel was saying to her
13. Lorelai waits until after the exciting town meeting to tell Mia about the plans to open an inn. Mia surprises Lorelai by:
begging Lorelai to stay at the Independence Inn
asking Lorelai to allow Sookie to stay - she's the best chef the inn has ever had!
telling Lorelai she already knew, as Sookie had talked to her the day before
telling Lorelai she wants to sell the Independence Inn
14. Mia's news hits Lorelai hard, and she takes it out on Sookie. She and Sookie get into a huge fight, where Lorelai accuses Sookie of:
not wanting to open an inn as much as Lorelai does
not being committed to her work
not being very smart
being unreliable and not punctual
15. Rory runs into Jess while Dean is running an errand, and she gives Jess a hard time for:
the town being angry at Luke because of Jess's actions
his attitude towards Dean when they first met
the way he teases about rural life in Stars Hollow
writing in the margins of her books
16. Lorelai takes her frustrations out on Emily, but apologizes for her behavior. Emily is seemingly rattled by hearing a part of Lorelai's apology - what?
she is planning on opening her own inn
Mia is in town
Sookie will be her business partner
Mia will be selling the Independence Inn
17. Lorelai gets a supportive ear and pep talk from Luke, while he's over her house _____.
fixing her coffee maker
repairing her roof
waterproofing her chuppah
installing a new faucet
18. Emily appears at the inn, wanting to see the woman who raised her daughter. She asks Mia for something before leaving the inn - what?
a promise to never "interfere" in her daughter's life again
a cup of tea
pictures of Lorelai and Rory during the time they lived at the inn
a hug
19. Lorelai and Rory discuss the people they consider to be enemies. Which of the following is not one of them?
people who chew crunchy food with their mouths open
people who spit when they talk
people who dog-ear library books
people who squint when looking at something far away
20. Although he won't admit he is the one responsible, Jess helps Luke out by:
fixing the diner's broken toaster
cooking food for customers while Luke is out running errands
making fresh coffee
painting the outside of the diner

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