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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E07: Like Mother, Like Daughter
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1. Rory mocks Lorelai after finding a ________ CD hidden under the seat of Lorelai's car.
Barry Manilow
Milli Vanilli
New Kids on the Block
Kenny G
2. Lorelai gets Michel to pick her up for work after her car won't start by telling him she will buy him ______ if he does.
sparkling water with lime
new shoes
a puppy
low-fat American cheese
By way of explanation.....
Another employee ate his cheese, and he is not pleased about it.
3. Rory is called into her guidance counselor's office after Headmaster Charleston brought Rory to her attention. Why is he (and the guidance department) concerned about Rory?
she is downright nasty to Paris and Tristin
she does not socialize with other Chilton students
she has been caught being disrespectful to Max
she no longer seems interested in attending college
4. Lorelai calls for a meeting with Headmaster Charleston, where she discusses her concern about the accusation that Rory is a loner. The meeting doesn't go according to plan; Lorelai leaves with:
a list of reasons why the headmaster is concerned about Rory
an appointment for a meeting with the guidance department
a warning to never set foot in Chilton again, as the headmaster can't deal with her unreasonable demands
a list of Chilton parent groups, one of which Lorelai needs to join
5. Rory sits with a group of students in an attempt to be more social. She is told that the name Lorelai is "weird" by a girl named:
6. Which student informs Rory that she had just had lunch with the "Puffs", one of the Chilton sororities?
7. According to Paris, ________ was a Puff!
Joan Baez
Sandra Day O'Connor
Julia Roberts
Hillary Rodham Clinton
8. After being put on the spot by Emily, Lorelai says she's joining the Booster Club. At her first Booster Club meeting, she is told that the fundraiser will be a fashion show, as last year's fundraiser resulted in all attendees getting:
food poisoning
locked out of the facility
their credit card numbers stolen
9. The Booster Club members love the idea of holding the fashion show at the Independence Inn, with Lorelai planning the event. Lorelai doesn't quite love the idea when she discovers:
she is personally responsible for making sure every seat is filled
Max is one of the teachers planning to attend the show
Emily has expressed interest in joining the Booster Club
the Booster Club members will be modeling the clothes in the fashion show
10. Rory teases Lorelai about needing a "model name" - what is her suggestion?
"Lorelai" - just her first name, like Madonna
"Sparkles McPretty"
"Waffle", a model from Belgium
"Pink Champagne", snooty French model
11. The Puffs don't want to invite the "intense" Paris to join their group until Rory tells them that:
Paris is thinking of joining another group
Paris will put a scathing article about them in the paper if she doesn't get invited to the group
she will do anything they want her to if they ask Paris to join
Paris is planning on speaking to the headmaster about the Puffs if she's not invited to join
12. Which of the following does not happen at the inn leading up to the fashion show?
Lorelai and Emily discover they are the "mother/daughter team" in the show
a Chilton Booster Club mom expresses interest in Luke
Lorelai refuses to participate if Michel is there to watch (and mock) her
Sookie panics because the lettuce she will be serving is dry
13. Emily thinks the success of the fashion show is an example of - what?
Lorelai's creativity
Lorelai fitting in with a life that she ran away from
Lorelai putting her daughter's needs before her own
Lorelai's aptitude for party planning - she should consider that as a career
14. Lorelai lets Rory know before heading to bed that:
next time she's going to force Rory to model clothes with her as the new-and-improved "mother/daughter team"
the Puffs will be kidnapping Rory in the middle of the night
Headmaster Charleston is still concerned about Rory's lack of socialization
Paris is outside on the porch, waiting to speak to her
15. Well, the Puffs lied to Lorelai - they weren't taking Rory out to breakfast. Instead, they wind up - along with Paris - at:
a local drive-in movie theater
the Yale University campus
Headmaster Charleston's office at Chilton
Miss Patty's dance studio
16. Rory is caught in the act when Headmaster Charleston bursts into his office. What was Rory doing?
toilet papering his office
writing a message on the underside of a desk
ringing a bell
taking pictures with the Puffs
17. Rory tells Headmaster Charleston that she puts the blame for her current situation - now with talks of a possible suspension - on...who?
Francie the "head Puff"
Headmaster Charleston himself
18. Lorelai asks Luke not to date the Chilton mom who showed interest in him, using the excuse that she wants to keep her Chilton life and Stars Hollow life separate. After telling Lorelai that it is none of her business who he dates, Luke tells her:
he and the Chilton mom are having dinner Friday night
jealousy doesn't look good on her
he was giving her directions back to Hartford after the fashion show, not asking her out
he was actually talking to the Chilton mom about Lorelai and the great job she did in running the fashion show

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