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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E06: Presenting Lorelai Gilmore
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1. Lorelai and Rory arrives at Friday night dinner to find something new to them - what?
Emily and Richard in the middle of a fight
a maid that has lasted more than a month
Emily didn't realize it was Friday
dinner had been cancelled because they arrived late and didn't call
2. Emily finds out after tea with her friends at the D.A.R. that by missing out on many social events, thanks to Richard's constant refusal to go, she has been:
voted out as a D.A.R. board member
missing out on gossip (fights, separations, etc)
nicknamed "No-Show"
uninvited to an Arts Society function
3. Rory arrives home after a trip to Emily and Richard's and gives Lorelai some news - what?
she's going to come out to society at the Debutante Ball
Emily and Richard are not speaking
this week's Friday dinner is cancelled
Christopher has been in town for a week and is staying with Richard and Emily
4. Lorelai asks Christopher to present Rory at the Debutante Ball, and discovers that he is now living closer to Stars Hollow - where?
San Antonio
5. Rory and Lane are making Dean watch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony so he can see:
the musicians that Lane talks about incessantly
"some guy" Dean has never heard of, named Bruce Springsteen
how cool Neil Young looks in a tuxedo
that you can be "cool" with a decent haircut
6. Dean is upset that he had to wear tails to the ball, but Rory reminds him that she will be __________ as a payment of sorts.
dining with him at Hooters
babysitting his sister
helping him write a paper on the American Revolution
watching "BattleBots", one of his favorite shows, for a month
7. Chris arrives at Lorelai's house and she is surprised to see that:
he has brought a lady-friend with him
he now has a Volvo sedan instead of his motorcycle
he has gained a lot of weight
he has excessive luggage with him, as though he's playing on staying for a long time
8. Chris arrives with a gift for Rory - what?
a necklace that belonged to his grandmother
the Compact Oxford English Dictionary he had tried buying for her during his last visit
a new pager
9. Rory exclaims that she's adopted after:
listening to Chris and Lorelai discuss their favorite musicians
watching Chris and Lorelai dancing
helping Chris and Lorelai finish a crossword puzzle
hearing Chris and Lorelai singing
10. Chris jokes that the interesting part of his mundane tech job is that:
it is better than living under a bridge
the workers get to dress like superheroes while they work
the cafeteria lunches are something out of a fine dining establishment
trick question - there is nothing even remotely interesting about his job
11. The teenager sitting next to Rory is freaking out over what color lipstick she should wear, saying she might look like "a hooker or ________" if she wears the wrong color.
a teacher
an accountant
her mother
a loser
12. Lorelai has to drag a warring Richard and Emily out of the ball so they don't disrupt the festivities. Emily and Lorelai discover during the fight that:
Richard and Emily are nearly bankrupt as a result of some poor investments
Richard is being phased out of his company
their long-time accountant has been "robbing them blind" for years
Richard is unhappy with Emily and wants a divorce
13. Lorelai invites Christopher to drop by occasionally and stay over. Why doesn't he take her up on her offer?
he has to work that night
he has a live-in girlfriend
he has decided he doesn't want a relationship with her - he never should have proposed during his last visit
his mother is in the hospital
14. Luke gets annoyed when Jess arrives downstairs wearing what he described as his "uniform" - what's he wearing?
a flannel shirt and backwards baseball cap
a t-shirt with Luke's face on the front
a Doose's Market apron
overalls - and nothing else
15. Lorelai shows support for Emily by:
calling her and telling her Lorelai is on "Team Mom"
telling Emily she loves her
visiting her at the house just to "hang out"
taking her out to lunch

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